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Student Health Insurance is voluntary at ACC, it is not required for admission. Some programs, mostly in Health Sciences, are requiring students to have coverage to meet contract requirements with clinical sites. ACC has selected a provider for a Group Health Plan offering health insurance to students through a bid process to obtain a plan we believe provides coverage for a fair premium. The current plan is offered by Academic Health Plans using the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas PPO network of medical providers. The plan includes a pharmacy benefit. The plan meets requirements of the Affordable Care Act including preventative care services. This plan also meets requirements set out in Texas Law for group plans.

Students may purchase health insurance for themselves and they may include their spouse or dependent children, if this coverage is desired. Premiums are paid directly to Academic Health Plans, ACC has no role in collecting premiums.

Student Health Insurance may be purchased for varying coverage periods. Students may purchase a policy for an annual term, for a semester, or for the short semesters. Students must meet enrollment requirements at the time they enroll. Enrollment in 3 credit hours classroom or distance learning is required.

Students may enroll and pay online with a credit card or by e-check. Coverage is effective when the premium is received by the company if it is after the first date of coverage under the policy.

Click here for information and enrollment. The student may establish an account on the web for enrollment and managing benefits. The enrollment form, benefits flyer, and plan brochure are on this web page. Benefit flyers will also be provided in Student Life and Admissions offices when available.

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