Green Car: Questions & Answers

Do I need to buy a Green Car sticker?

No, the Green Car Sticker is free. However, you must also have a current ACC parking permit to use a Green Car parking space. ACC parking permits can be ordered and paid for here.

Are Green Car parking spots guaranteed?

No, there are a limited number of spots at each campus. The sticker gives you the opportunity to park close, but it is first-come, first-served.

Are Green Cars expensive?

Not necessarily. Many small, more affordable cars are among the most fuel-efficient. Check the list.

I have a Hybrid SUV. Why is my vehicle not listed?

Fuel economy is one of three factors that are measured to rate Green Cars. The other factors are tailpipe emissions and vehicle weight.

I can't find my 2004 model in the vehicle list, but I see the exact same 2005 model in the list. Does my car qualify?

In most cases those models are not equal even though they share a model number. The difference might come from an updated engine type.

I have a current year model that is fuel-efficient, but I can't find this year’s cars on the list. How do I know if my car qualifies?

We won't be able to add new models until the EPA publishes the emission data and compiles the scores. In the meantime, new models will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Send your VIN to

My vehicle matches the year/make/model, but the engine size is different. Does my car qualify?

No, all categories must match.

What is the proper way to display my Green Car sticker?

Place your Green Car sticker on the driver's side of your windshield above the vehicle registration and inspection certificates.