Green Pass: Questions & Answers

Who's eligible for a Green Pass?

A Green Pass is available to students who are enrolled in credit classes and have paid full tuition or set up a payment plan. Students who are enrolled in adult basic education (ABE) courses and staffing table employees (faculty and staff) are also eligible. Hourly employees are not included at this time.

I dropped all classes. Can I still  use my Green Pass?

Since you are no longer actively enrolled in ACC, your Green Pass will be deactivated.

Are Continuing Education students eligible for a Green Pass?

No, only students enrolled in credit classes and ABE students are included at this time.

How long will my Green Pass remain in effect?

The Green Pass is valid for one semester. Each semester you must order a new pass.

Can I use ACC's Green Pass to ride Capital MetroRail?

Yes, the Green Pass can be used for Local, Express, and MetroRapid bus services as well as MetroRail.

Can I use the Green Pass for MetroAccess? (This is special transit service for those with disabilities as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act.)

Yes. Register your MetroAccess number when you request a Green Pass from the ACC Transportation website. MetroAccess service will be activated within five business days.

I lost my Green Pass. Can I get another one?

Lost or stolen replacement passes are available for $25 (non-refundable). The lost pass will be deactivated. 

My Green Pass is damaged. Can I get a new one?

A damaged pass can be replaced at no charge. Bring the damaged pass to a campus Cashier Office or Campus Administration Office to get your replacement pass.

Can I share my Green Pass with my family?

No, this program covers only ACC students, faculty, and staff, and an ACC ID card must be shown upon request as you use your pass. Misuse of the pass may lead to the loss of Green Pass privileges.

Can I use my Green Pass only between my home and an ACC campus?

You may use the Green Pass anywhere on the Capital Metro system.

I can’t pick up my Green Pass in person. Can someone else do it for me?

Students or employees who cannot obtain their Green Pass in person may assign another individual to pick it up. To comply with federal laws for confidentiality of official records (FERPA – Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974), the individual must sign a release form to authorize the transaction. Access the Green Pass Transaction by Proxy form.

How is the Green Pass program funded?

The cost of the program is funded through the college sustainability fee and revenue from a parking fee increase that went into effect in fall 2009.