Equity and Inclusion

Equity and Inclusion

Racial equity is the condition that would be achieved if one’s racial identity no longer predicted, in a statistical sense, how one fares. When we use the term, we are thinking about racial equity as one part of racial justice, and thus we also include work to address root causes of inequities not just their manifestation. This includes elimination of policies, practices, attitudes and cultural messages that reinforce differential outcomes by race or fail to eliminate them.
Center for Assessment Policy Development

The Office of Equity and Inclusion is a part of the Campus Operations & Public Affairs Division. The office was created to elevate ACC’s commitment to ensuring the college is welcoming and inclusive of all students regardless of ability, race, gender, ethnicity, language, sexual orientation, citizenship status, or religion.


The Office of Equity and Inclusion exists to help the college build capacity to achieve equity in enrollment, persistence and completion.


The Austin Community College District is a welcoming and inclusive environment for diverse students and community members where race, ethnicity, gender, and other human differences are no longer predictors of success.

Commitment to Achieving Equity: A Moral Imperative

Achieving equity is an ethical issue and a moral imperative that requires the examination and transformation of hearts, minds, conscious and unconscious beliefs that impact decisions about policies, practices, and resource allocations.

The college values the strengthening aspects of diversity and inclusion and their role in helping to achieve equity for all students and communities. As an Achieving the Dream Leader College since 2012, the district is now poised to take a more holistic approach towards equity by harnessing lessons learned from multiple programs and projects to better serve diverse students and communities.