Academic Year Report

Office of Equity & Inclusion 2017-18 Academic Year Report

About the 2017-18 Academic Year Report

As the Office of Equity & Inclusion continues to support capacity building for equity and inclusion from the inside out and the outside in through campus and community engagement, we have the privilege of coaching ACC staff and faculty and supporting ACC departments as they begin and seek to sustain long-term equity work for student success. We also have the joy of collaborating and helping other colleagues with ongoing work that they have pioneered. The College is progressing at varying rates from simply participating in introductory training to enrolling in challenging levels of development, identifying thought partners for self-reflection, and exploring what it means to take risks for transformation and accountability. The practices of *equity-minded competencies are gradually taking hold as evidenced by changes in the College’s strategic plan; faculty job postings; consistent and growing engagement and collaboration with historically underserved communities; use of equity assessment tools; the increasing requests for equity and inclusion training sessions and individual coaching, and requests for focus group data, secondary research and reading materials. While all departments (and individuals) are naturally at different points in the learning process and practices of equity-minded competencies, many units listed below are to be commended for the students, staff and faculty who are engaging with and learning from historically underserved students at community dialogues and participating in ongoing training sessions to understand the impact of implicit bias and structural racism on student success. Others are in the throes of organizing learning communities to explore equity in faculty hiring, culturally responsive teaching strategies and student support. Whether you are moving quickly or methodically, experimenting, or just continuing the momentum, kudos to everyone on ACC’s collaborative equity journey for student success as we enter the third year of our open commitment to equity and inclusion and to one another.

The Equity Journey for Student Success Continues

As the new academic year unfolds, the Office of Equity and Inclusion, in collaboration with a growing number of dedicated staff students and faculty, continues helping the College to build its capacity to achieve equity in enrollment, persistence and completion for student success. This report provides the highlights and details of another year of engagement, education and relationship-building to support strategic planning and accountability for a measurable difference in enrollment, persistence and completion. This year, the Office staff and volunteers have again had the privilege of continuing to work with and learn from colleagues in all areas of the College: students, student life specialists, shipping and receiving specialists, accountants, custodians, advisors, administrative assistants, adjunct and full-time faculty, deans and senior leaders. We look forward to the next leg of the journey that will allow us to serve at even higher levels and continue to learn.

An exciting third year lies ahead as the Office continues to collaboratively foster a culture and climate to support student success with customized departmental training sessions, District Dialogues, practicing the principles and competencies of servant leadership and equity-centered planning. Everyone is welcome to continue or join one of the equity collaboratives or training sessions to develop relationships, community and expertise to support student success.

Explore possibilities to participate in training collaboratives, racial healing circles and dialogues by visiting the Office of Equity & Inclusion table at General Assembly and throughout this website.