2018-19 Equity & Inclusion Training Sequence

Equity Progress Report Assessment Guide Workshop

Purpose: 3-hour workshop designed to support equity-minded minded practices and accountability for changes in policies, practices and outcomes.

Consultants: Dr. Stephanie Hawley, Dr. Lucy Guevara Velez

Equity Leadership Orientation

Purpose: 8-hour interactive introductory training to learn the language and frameworks for equity-minded practices to improve the culture and climate for individual and institutional transformation to support equitable outcomes.

Consultant: Dr. Martha Ramos Duffer

Beyond Diversity

Purpose: Nationally acclaimed 2-day experience designed for educators that supports a deeper understanding of equity and the rationale for moving beyond the superficiality of diversity efforts and on to systemic transformation for racial equity and inclusion.

Consultant: Dr. Will Walker

LGBTQ Ally Training

Purpose: Learn the ways that faculty, staff and students can support policies and practices to include and support students who are members of the LGBTQ+ communities.

Consultant: Shane Whalley

Policies & Practices for Recruiting & Retaining Men of Color in the Community College

Purpose: Explore the way systems (policies and practices) must change to support the recruitment, persistence and completion of men of color and other historically underserved students.

Consultant: Dr. J. Luke Wood

Culturally Responsive Teaching

Purpose: Analyze and evaluate the traits and practices of Culturally Responsive and Teaching and the necessary faculty development to continue the transformation of classroom practices in all disciplines to support persistence of historically underserved groups.

Consultant: Dr. Keffrelyn Brown