Counselor Evaluation

Counselor Evaluation


Evaluation Schedule

OctoberApril - MayMay - JuneJuly 15
Planning Conference between the Campus Dean of Student Services and Counselor. Counselor submits evaluation documents to Campus Dean of Student Services. Evaluation Conference Counselor and Campus Dean of Student Services provide feedback to VP/SS&SS



Dean of Student Services



  1. Statement of Counseling Philosophy
  2. Supporting documentation—frequently used resources (agencies, internet, organizations, and references) and supporting document (samples of handouts or retention tools, used in groups or individual settings).
  3. Summary of evaluation forms
    1. Counseling Session (Student Evaluation)
    2. Dean Observation:
      1. Counseling Session (Dean’s Evaluation) OR
      2. Workshop Evaluation (Dean’s copy)
    3. Workshop Facilitator Summary.
  4. Professional development summary