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Texas Innovative Adult Career Education (ACE) Program

The ACE Program provides grants to eligible nonprofit workforce intermediary and job training organizations.  ACE funds are used to develop, support, or expand programs that prepare low-income students to enter careers in high-demand and significantly higher-earning occupations. 

Program Rules and Regulations
      House Bill 437 (H.B.437) Subtitle G, Title 3
Program Reporting Instructions 
      ACE Recipient Reporting Instructions and Workbook

Program Administrator
      Neil Vickers, EVP Finance & Administration 
Financial Reporting and General Information
      Delphine Gonzales
      Director, Financial Accounting & Reporting   
      ACC Service Center, 9101 Tuscany Way, Austin,TX 78754 
Grant Accountant
 Melissa Bedford-Guidry
      Grant Accountant, Restricted Accounts   
      ACC Service Center, 9101 Tuscany Way, Austin, TX 78754



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