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Program Review Working Group

Charge and Functions


  1. Support implementation of the College's program review process for instructional units.  
  2. Review and provide feedback to instructional departments for improving the assessment of the goals and objectives for their disciplines, programs, and departments;
  3. Review and provide feedback to instructional departments regarding the improvement plans resulting from analyses of assessment data
  4. Review the extent to which units achieve identified objectives
  5. Review and provide feedback to appropriate entities for improving the documentation of objectives for instructional departments
  6. Develop rubrics and standards for reviewing program review information.
  7. Provide recommendations to the Instructional/ Educational Support Planning Subcommittee regarding program review processes and templates.


Do you have recommendations? These are forwarded to the Instructional/Educational Support Planning Subcommittee, and to the Institutional Planning & Assessment Committee, as appropriate.

To provide recommendations, please contact:
Marcus Jackson, Director, Institutional Planning & Evaluation

Agendas & Minutes

For questions about this committee, and a record of agendas and minutes, please contact one of the following: 

  • Co-Chair (Workforce): Kimberly Cameron, Accounting Associate Professor, 512.223-4989.
  • Co-Chair Marcus Jackson, Director, Institutional Planning & Evaluation,


Dean Area Dean Appointments

Applied Tech., Multimedia, Public Service 

Interim Dean: Brandon Whatley

James Froeschle

Chuck Estrada

Computer Studies & Advanced Tech. 

Dean: Linda Smarzik

Jeffrey Muhammad

Mary Kohls

Business Studies

Interim Dean: Reed Peoples

Kimberly Cameron

Michelle Fitzpatrick

Math & Sciences

Dean: David Fonken

Elizabeth Maxim

Linnea Fletcher


Social & Behavioral Sciences

Dean: Gaye Lynn Scott

Zoe Irene VanSandt



Interim Dean: Lyman Grant

Jeff Stringer

David Coe


Arts & Humanities

Interim Dean: Matthew Daude-Laurents

Grant Potts

Lindsey Mikash


Health Sciences

Dean: Pat Recek

Estrella Godinez Barrera

Nancy (Nan) Walters

 Working Group Advisors


Ron Johns

Matthew Daude-Laurents

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