Mascot Appearances

It's all about the ACC Riverbat.

ACC's mascot R.B. the Riverbat made his debut fall 2010 and quickly became a familiar feature on and off campus. R.B. attends various Student Life events, local sports games, and community activities like the annual Austin Bat Fest.

As a public image of the college, R.B. is recognized as a symbol of school spirit and pride in the institution.

The mascot is an incentive for student participation and involvement by:

  • Fostering a sense of unity and belonging;
  • Standing as a symbol of award and appreciation;
  • And generating good will for the college.

Check out R.B.'s social calendar or submit an appearance request form if you would like ACC's mascot to attend your event.

Riverbat Homepage
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When in doubt, just ask.

Contact Dahlia Anzaldua-Torres at 512-223-7595 or to set up an appointment and discuss your mascot appearance request.