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ACC Merchandise and Promotional Items

How to buy ACC giveaways, t-shirts, and Riverbats gear

Retail: ACC Bookstores

The ACC Bookstores carry a wide variety of ACC and Riverbats items, and are open to the general public.
ACC receives a percentage of the sales, and 10% of all ACC Riverbats merchandise sales are set aside for scholarships.
Faculty and staff receive a 10% discount.

Faculty and Staff / Department Orders 

ACC Giveaway Catalogs
A selection of general ACC giveaway and gift items can be ordered at the following links. Instructions for ordering with departmental funds are provided.
The warehouse no longer stocks these items for immediate delivery, so please plan ahead! Production times vary.

Prefer to order custom items? Be sure to place a request! 

Custom ACC Merchandise and Apparel 

Whether you want to design t-shirts for a special event or need your department name on giveaways, we're here to help. Follow the steps below.
ACC's image and registered trademarks are managed carefully, and ACC has contracts with pre-approved, licensed merchandise vendors.

Browse our vendors' catalogs. When you're ready to order, submit a Merchandise Request Form.
This records the use of ACC's registered trademarks, and alerts us that professional print files will be needed.

How to Order Custom Merchandise

   Complete steps 1, 2 and 5. We'll take care of the rest!

  1. Pick an item and get a quote from one of ACC's contract vendors.
    Write down item specs - information like imprint size and ink colors. We'll need it to format the art.
    When your Budget Authority approves the expense, submit your requisition in Datatel.
    Make note of the PR# to show you have budget approval.

  2. Fill out the Merchandise Artwork Request Form so we can start working on it!
    Choose from standard ACC logo options, request a custom design, or email us a sample and we'll format it for printing. 
    ALL orders not in the catalogs require a merchandise art request. Purchasing will look up approval in this trademark database before issuing the P.O. 
    If this is a re-order, please make a note of it. We'll have printer art on file and can process these quickly.

  3. Marketing will send production-ready, professionally formatted art files to the vendor.

  4. Marketing signs off on the vendor's final proof and updates your order status to "approved".
    ALL proofs must be reviewed and approved by PICM. The college keeps signed trademark approvals on file, and
    Purchasing will check the approval database to issue a PO.

  5. Send your quote and PR# to Purchasing for a Purchase Order.
    You will need to make sure that your vendor receives the PO and gets your order scheduled for delivery.
    You can check on your PO and payment status in Datatel/Colleague.

Need help? 

Look through the Merchandise Ordering FAQs here.

  • Please use ACC's official vendors to avoid problems and long delays.
    Unlicensed vendors haven't been reviewed for quality, and will need to become licensed before your order can be processed. 
    All commercial enterprises must be licensed to use ACC's trademarks on merchandise, whether it's for internal use or for resale. 
  • If you must use a non-licensed (sole-source) vendor, contact us immediately.
    Marketing needs to know as soon as possible in order to process license applications and artwork.
    DON'T skip the request or try to submit your own designs. ACC licensing will be alerted and the order will be put on hold. 

New Vendors:

Learn about ACC procedures and trademark licensing here, or contact us with questions about the process. 
Production of all merchandise, displays, or other items representing the College requires written approval through ACC's Trademark Office.
Unlicensed vendors should contact Public Information & College Marketing (PICM) for artwork and trademark information
and must submit proofs to PICM for approval before proceeding with any order.

Trademark Notice

The Austin Community College and "ACC" name, logo and trademarks, wordmarks, slogans and other identifying symbols are the property of the Austin Community College District and are protected by federal and local law. Any unauthorized use of these or misleadingly similar names or marks, by any entity or individual without express written consent of the ACC District will be deemed a violation of the College's statutory and/or common law rights, and the College will take any and all steps necessary to protect such rights. Commercial use and reproduction without express written permission is strictly prohibited. This includes use by nonbusiness groups or individuals, employees, charities and other organizations. The use of any Austin Community College District name, logo or trademark on any product or in connection with a manufacturer, wholesaler, screen printer, in-store producer or any other supplier must be managed under a written agreement: other commercial use and reproduction without express written permission is strictly prohibited.


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