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ACC Merchandise and Promotional Items

Where to get ACC giveaways, t-shirts, and other cool gear

ACC General Stores

Have a special event or VIP visit coming up? ACC-branded items are on-hand and available quickly through General Stores. Shirts, pens, and bulk giveaways for events can be ordered with department funds, and some items are available at no charge in small quantities. Please place large orders well ahead of time so the warehouse team can estimate costs and re-stock the inventory.

To place an order:

  1. Browse ACC merchandise
  2. Fill out a General Stores Order Form
  3. Obtain Budget Authority signature and approval from Restricted Accounting (if applicable).
  4. Fax the form to Purchasing: (512) 223.1062

ACC Bookstores

The ACC Bookstores are currently the only retail vendor licensed to sell ACC and Riverbat items to the general public. This partnership benefits everyone. Students, faculty and staff have a variety of items to choose from, the bookstore sees more of our students, and ACC receives a percentage of all profits from merchandise and apparel sales.

Approximately 10% of all ACC Riverbats merchandise sales are set aside for the ACC Foundation. Get your Riverbat gear today!

Custom Merchandise for ACC Departments

Whether you want to design t-shirts for a special event, or just need your department name on student giveaways, we're here to help.

ACC's image and registered trademarks are managed carefully, and ACC has contracts with several pre-approved and licensed merchandise vendors. From pencils to polos, our vendors can help you find just about anything that's printable. Marketing will either work with you on a custom design, or make sure art meets trademark guidelines.

When you're ready to order, please submit the Merchandise Request Form. This helps us send the correct art to the vendor, and also records approved use of ACC's registered trademarks.

How to Order Custom Merchandise, Giveaways and Apparel:

  1. Pick an item and get a quote from one of ACC's current vendors. Be sure to gather information such as imprint size and color as you'll need this later on. ALL orders require a merchandise art request. This ensures that we're alerted to potential vendor problems in advance.
  2. Fill out the Merchandise Artwork Request Form. Here's where you will choose from several ACC artwork options, request a custom design, or email us art from a prior order. If your Budget Authority approves of the expense, submit your requisition in Datatel and make note of the PR#.Include your PR# here so we can match your art with the correct vendor!
  3. Marketing sends production-ready, professionally formatted art files to the vendor.
  4. Marketing will sign off on the vendor's final proof. If a vendor sends you a proof by email, please make sure that we get it so that we can review and approve officially. Marketing keeps trademark approvals on file for legal reference, and Purchasing will check with us before issuing your PO.
  5. Send a copy of the final approval to Purchasing with your quote and PR#. You will need to make sure that your vendor receives the complete Purchase Order and gets your order scheduled for delivery. You can check on PO status in Datatel.

Please read the Merchandise Ordering FAQs here.

Need help? Please contact us!

Remember, all commercial enterprises must get written permission to use ACC's trademarks on merchandise, whether it's for internal use or for resale. Merchandise orders require PICM's written approval of trademarks or design in advance, and vendors may only accept production graphics from ACC Marketing. Purchasing will check with us for the required trademark approvals before issuing a PO.

PICM occasionally has giveaways on hand during special events, but we don't have room for large quantities in our offices. Please order giveaways through General Stores or use one of our licensed suppliers. We can help with trademark and logo approvals, customization, or vendor questions.

Notice to External Vendors

Production of all tangible merchandise representing the College requires written approval of design and artwork IN ADVANCE. Purchase orders, credit card orders, or quote requests placed by any person or entity claiming to represent ACC do not constitute Austin Community College District approval. Products produced without signature approval may be subject to non-payment or confiscation. Unlicensed vendors should contact PICM for trademark permission, and must submit final proofs to PICM for signature approvals and a limited use permit.

Learn more about ACC procedures and trademark licensing here, or contact the licensing office with questions about the process.

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