Employee Recognition Program

The Student Services Employee Recognition Program, which complements the College's years of service recognition and ACColades Recognition and Reward Program, recognizes staff members for exemplary constributions to the mission, values, and goals of the Austin Community College District. The Employee Recognition Program was designed to enhance the optimal delivery of services for students, faculty, and staff.

Employee Recognition Awards may be given for many reasons. Awards in numerous categories are suggested, but other awards may be given instead of or in addition to those named here. (PDF flier)

Categories of Nominations

Service: Demonstrating extraordinary effort that exceeds student, coworker, or departmental expectations.

Behind the Scenes Support: Exhibiting an outstanding "can do" attitude when needed most and when recognition is least expected.

Leadership: Providing influence and guidance to measurably improve student access and success.

Fostering Initiative: Identifying a student or staff need and finding a solution or proposing a significant improvement.

Fostering Team Work: Committing exemplary time and expertise to promote a team accomplishment or building results-oriented teamwork within and/or across functions.

Merit: Superior quality or worth; excellence. Demonstrated ability or achievement, and/or an aspect of character or behavior deserving praise.

What does a Winner Get?

Each award winner receives:

1. A certificate and an award from the Vice-President at SS Employee Recognition Luncheon.

2. Recognition by your Dean of Student Services (or your supervisor) at a staff meeting.

3.Recognition by being listed as a winner on the SS Employee Recognition web page.

4. Four hours of recognition leave as approved by your supervisor.

Who's Eligible

For consideration, nominees must work in one of the offices/areas under the Student Services Department.

Employee Recognition Selection

The Professional Development Committee consisting of cross-representation from all areas within Student Services, will meet as needed to select winners. The committee will issue a Call for Nominations, review awards nominations, and select the most qualified winners. This committee is given the discretion to recommend awards based on each fall and spring semester's poll of nominees to the most deserving candidates.

Questions about the Student Services Employee Recognition Program, suggestions for the Awards process, and award nominations can be sent to Dr. Louella Tate/RRC or directed to sssserp@austincc.edu.

Student Services Professional Development Committee
Dr. Louella Tate, Chair, RRC, 223-0045

Lauren Gage, NRG
Caroline Hernandez, HBC​
Denise Anding, PIN
Christina Chapa, RVS
​Beth Quarles, CYP​
Neteka Haywood, RRC
​Patrick Troy​,SAC
Susan Lorino, RGC
Cameron Keel, NRG
Brandon Roberts, HLC
Deborah Benavidez​, EVC
BethAnn Warwick, R​RC
Mirosalva Zuniga, EGN

Nomination Form

  • Nomination Form (PDF) - only available on ACC computers or VPN; if not on ACC network, you will need your email password to access.
  • On-line Nomination Form - only available on ACC computers or VPN; if not on ACC network, you will need your email password to access.

2012-2013 Award Winners

2011-2012 ERP Winners

Leadership~Bethany Bell, Admissions and Records Supervisor, RRC
Initiative~Derek Thomas, Lead Computer Lab Support Technician, SAC
Merit~Jorge Lynch, Counselor, RGC
Service~Leslie Saldana, Administrative Assistant III, RVS
Behind the Scenes~ Maritza Longoria, Assessment, Student Services Assistant, RVS
Team Work~Roxane Royalty, Counselor, NRG; Caroline Hernandez, Financial Aid Specialist, HBC

Past ERP Winners

Service~Susan Jones, Learning Lab Manager, SAC
Behind the Scenes Support~Gabriel Arellano, Sr. Computer Lab Support Tech, RRC
Leadership~Trish Welch, Senior Administrative Assistant III, CYP
Fostering Initiative ~Marisa Serrano, Transfer Academy Specialist, RVS
Fostering Team Work~Jason Edens, Financial Aid Specialist, HBC
Merit~Barbara Chambers, Advising Specialist, RGC

Margaret McClellen ~ SS&SS Merit Award ~ HBC
John Aintablian ~ Behind the Scenes Support ~ RVS
Cynthia Maass ~ Service ~ CYP
Ruth Reinhart ~ Fostering Initiative ~ SAC
Michael McCarter ~ Fostering Teamwork ~ EVC
Mervin Jones ~ Leadership ~ RRC

Adam Pfluger – Fostering Teamwork – RRC
Beth Keith (wife of the late Troy Keith) – SSSS Memorial Award – CYP
Christy Berry- Leadership – HBC
Susan Lorino – Customer Service – RGC
Rosa Cantu – Behind the Scenes Support – NRG
Grace Yates – Integrity – RVS
Loretta Edelen – Initiative - EVC

Jason Briseno, Campus Financial Aid Supervisor - RGC: Customer Service
Ruthie Sykes, Student Services Specialist - NRG: Integrity
Tynisha Wooley, Student Life Coordinator – PIN: Behind the Scenes Support
Mario Tenorio, Advising Supervisor - NRG: Initiative
Sandra Elizondo, Counselor/Associate Professor - EVC: Leadership
Stephanie Nehmzow, OSD Services Coordinator -CYP: Fostering Teamwork

Margaret Medrano, Admissions Assistant - SAC: Customer Service
Mae Thompson, Counselor/Professor - RGC: Initiative
Tisha Coleman, Administrative Assistant III - PIN: Integrity
Louella H. Tate, Student Services Dean - NRG: Leadership
John Golden, College Associate Adjunct – CYP/NRG: Behind the Scenes Support
Ginger Bennett, Interpreter Sign Language Specialist - RVS: Fostering Teamwork

Tara Hall, Advising/Student Services Specialist - RGC: Customer Service
Douglas Garrett, Texas Success Initiative Coordinator - HBC: Initiative
Wade Bradfute, Counselor/Associate Professor - SAC: Integrity
Amber Kelley, Student Services Dean - CYP: Leadership
Linda Moeller, Counselor/Professor - NRG: Behind the Scenes Support
Betsy Wheatley, Administrative Assistant III - EVC: Fostering Teamwork

Diane Galvan, Assessment Center Coordinator - RVS: Sarah E. Polkowski Customer Service
Emma Moore, Counselor - NRG: Initiative
Georgia Branch, Administrative Assistant III - RVS: Integrity
Kathy James, Advising Supervisor - RGC: Leadership
Allison von Steiger, Administrative Assistant III - RGC: Behind the Scenes Support
Elba Wilson, Senior Admissions Assistant - HBC: Behind the Scenes Support
Pat Oglesby, Administrative Assistant III - NRG: Fostering Teamwork

Walter Cooper, Counselor - EVC: Sarah E. Polkowski Customer Service
Terry Dumas, Senior Clerk - NRG; Initiative
Janice Ramirez, Administrative Assistant III - RGC; Integrity
Cheryl Richard, Manager, Student Life - RGC; Leadership
Leslie Saldana, Technical Office Assistant III - RVS: Behind the Scenes Support
Stacy Flood, Financial Aid Specialist - CYP: Fostering Teamwork