Advising Procedures Manual

Welcome to the PDF version of the Advising Procedures Manual. The document has been broken down into sections for easier browsing/printing, by topic. A PDF copy of the complete manual is also available at the bottom of this page. Note: Questions/comments about manual contents should be directed to

Introduction (pgs. 1-3)

Cover, Table of Contents, Overview, Mission, Philosophy, Ethics/FERPA, Function, General Information

Screening (pgs. 4-15)

New Students: TSI Status, College Transcripts, Procedures for Verification of TSI Status; Returning Students: Datatel Screens; Categories of Students: New Early College Start Students, Returning Early College Start Students, Senior Citizens, Students Who Audit Courses, Students with Credit from Out-of-State or Private College, Students Receiving Veterans (VA) Benefits, Students Who Are Out of the State/Country, International Students, Students for Whom English is not the Native Language (ESOL), Foster Care Alumni.

Electronic Intake/Data Collection (p. 15)

Electronic Intake (eIntake) Procedures

Advising/Assistance (pgs. 16-23)

Test Score Interpretation and Course Placement,Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Exemptions and Waivers, Texas Success Initiative Requirements, Core Curriculum, Degree Planning Information, Transfer Information, Educational Planning, College Connection, GraduationDocumentation

Documentation (pgs. 23-25)

Datatel Screens, Forms

Referral (p. 26-29)

Admissions Process, Support Services, Services for Special Populations, Instructional Areas, Cashier Office

Appendix (list)

A. Placement Charts
B. "C" Holds Information
C. Education Plan
D. International Student Reference Sheet for Advisors and Counselors
E. Student Referral Form
F. ESOL Fact Sheet
G. Training Outline for Advising/Sample Advising Scenarios