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Technical Support Services

The mission of the Austin Community College Technical Support Services is to provide faculty and staff with a centralized point of contact for all supported products and services. Technical Support Services team is committed to quality service through teamwork and a proactive approach to problem identification and solution.

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Notice: Datatel WebUI SSL Certificate Warning Info

If you are receiving a SSL Certificate Warning when trying to access Datatel WebUI please follow instructions below.

1.       Launch the preferred web browser (ea. Firefox, Safari, etc.) and browse to the following URL:  Download a CA Certificate, Certificate Chain, or CRL

2.       Click on the link “Install CA certificate”.

3.       User will be presented with a pop asking the purpose of install. Select "Trust this CA to identity websites".

4.       Allow the browser to install the certificate.

User should no longer receive the untrusted SSL certificate warning when they browse to WebUI from their preferred browser.