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Telecommunications Services

Announcements and Updates


Cisco 7841 Phones at Highland Campus

ACC is using a brand new model of Cisco phones at the new Highland Campus. The Cisco 7841 retains much of the functionality of phones from other campuses, but has a different look to the phone. Below are two PDFs to help you get acquainted with using your new Cisco 7841 phone.

Cisco 7841 Quick Start Guide (PDF format) covers the buttons on the phones and describes how to use call features (hold, transfer, etc.)

Cisco 7841 Quick Reference Guide (PDF format) covers the info from the Quick Start Guide above but in a handy tri-fold layout to keep next to the phone


Cisco Phone Issues

An upgrade to the college's phone infrastructure was implemented in December. Most phones were able to upgrade without issue. However, some Cisco 7941 and 7961 phones are currently having the following issues:

  • Call log not displaying activity
  • Corporate Directory not available
  • Ringtones changed / not appearing

Below is a PDF document with a fix for this issue. NOTE: this fix only applies to Cisco 7941 and Cisco 7961 phones.

Deleting the Trust List

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