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Telecommunications Services

Submit a Work Order

To submit a phone-related work order, click the link below.

Telecom Work Order Form (must have a valid email account)

NOTE: If you are having issues with your phone's voicemail notification, please perform the following:

- Press the speakerphone button on your phone
- Dial 1000

This will turn the voicemail light off. Any new voicemail that arrive after following the above steps will reactivate the light correctly going forward.


Announcements and Updates


Cisco 8811 Phone Upgrade

ACCNet is deploying the new Cisco 8811 IP Phone to replace existing and new phone installations at select campuses. We will be contacting departments prior to install of the phones. Currently, we are deploying the phones campus-wide at Eastview. Below is a PDF showcasing the buttons on the phone and how to access common features.

Cisco 8811 Quick Start Guide (PDF)


Cisco 7841 Phones at Highland Campus

The Cisco 7841 phone retains much of the functionality of phones from other campuses, but has a different look. Below are two PDFs to help you get acquainted with using your new Cisco 7841 phone.

Cisco 7841 Quick Start Guide (PDF format) covers the buttons on the phones and describes how to use call features (hold, transfer, etc.)

Cisco 7841 Quick Reference Guide (PDF format) covers the info from the Quick Start Guide above but in a tri-fold layout to keep next to the phone

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