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Acronym Meaning
ACC Austin Community College
ARQIP Administrator Response to Quality Improvement Plan
AVP Associate Vice President
BOT Board of Trustees
CBM Coordinating Board
CBM### Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Report
CG Cluster Group
CH Contact Hours
CICG Credit Instruction Cluster Group
EVP Executive Vice President
FASB (IPEDS) - Financial Accounting Standards Board
FICE CODE (IPEDS) Federal Interagency Committee on Education Code
GASB (IPEDS) Government Accounting Standards Board
HEGIS (IPEDS) - The Higher Education General Information Survey
IPC Institutional Plannning Committee
IPEDS Integrated Post secondary Education Data System
IPR Instructional Program Review
IPRS Instructional Program Review Summary
NCES The National Center for Education Statistics
OIE Office of Institutional Effectiveness
PSF Program Status Form
QIP Quality Improvement Form
SACS Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
SCH Semester Credit Hours
TEC Texas Education Code
THECB Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
U-LEAD Unit-Level Effectiveness Assessment Documentation

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