Please enter in the fields below to populate the proposed outcome statements. Please note that this is a tool to get your outcome statement started and must be edited to finalize. For more information please see The A to E Method for Writing Objectives.

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  • A = Employees

  • B = will take safety precautions

  • C = after college-wide safety awareness program

  • D = burglaries decrease by 20%

  • E = number of burglaries reported the six-month period month before the program and the number reported for the six month period following the program

  • A = First Time in College (FTIC) students

  • B = complete their first semester courses successfully

  • C = participating in a new comprehensive student orientation program

  • D = percentage of FTIC students successfully completing their first semester courses will increase by 10%

  • E = comparing the percentage of successful course completions of FTIC students in the program with FTIC students in fall 2010 and fall 2011

  • A = Students in introductory gymnastics course

  • B = walk the entire length of a standard balance beam raised to standard height

  • C = at the end of the fifth week of classes

  • D = steadily and without falling off within a six second time span

  • E = gymnastics instructor evaluates performance using rubric developed by instructors in the field.

(Who are you assessing?)
(What is expected of the audience?)
(What intervention is required?)
(To what degree is the behavior to be reached?)
(What methodology (tool) will measure the behavior?)

Proposed Statement  C+A, B+D, E =
Proposed Statement  C+D, A, B+E=
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