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Please enter in the fields below to populate the proposed outcome statements. Please note that this is a tool to get your outcome statement started and must be edited to finalize. For more information please see
The A to E Method for Writing Objectives.

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(Who are you assessing?)
(What is expected of the audience?)
(What intervention is required?)
(To what degree is the behavior to be reached?)
(What methodology (tool) will measure the behavior?)

  • A = Employees

  • B = will take safety precautions

  • C = after college-wide safety awareness program

  • D = burglaries decrease by 20%

  • E = number of burglaries reported the six-month period month before the program and the number reported for the six month period following the program
Proposed Statement  C+A, B+D, E =
Proposed Statement  C+D, A, B+E=
Clear Form

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