"An effective institution engages stakeholders in planning, develops goals aligned with a vision, allocates resources in a manner consistent with its goals, uses appropriate measures to determine success, and communicates widely about its methods and progress.”

-NCCI Roundtable on Institutional Effectiveness in Higher Education, 2003

Institutional Effectiveness Overview Chart

Vision/Mission/Values Statement and Intended Outcomes (BOT A-1)
Master Plan
Budget Planning
Facilities Planning
Enrollment Planning
Closing the Gaps

Effectiveness Assessment
ACC Snapshot (PDF; 117KB)
Data Table (PDF; 18KB) - ACC Personnel Only
Effectiveness - ACC now uses the ACC Snapshot to evaluate effectiveness.
General Education/Core Curriculum
      Course Effectiveness Report (PDF; 160KB)

Instructional Programs
Instructional Program Review
Unit-Level Effectiveness Assessment Documentation (U-LEAD) Database
       Assessment Handbook (PDF; 546KB)
       Terms (PDF; 13KB)

Administrative and Educational Support Services
Support Services Review

Please direct questions concerning Planning to Daniel Ohanlon at (512) 223-7585 and/or questions concerning Assessment to Marcus Jackson at (512) 223-7635.