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Meningitis Account Activation

A meningitis/"HRC" hold in Online Services are confirmation the meningitis immunization law applies to you. If you believe this is in error, contact any campus Admissions and Records Office.

Follow these instructions to activate a Magnus Health account if you have proof of vaccination or medical exemption. See compliance instructions.

To activate your Magnus Health account:

  1. Go to Academic Planning.
  2. Click Student Statuses.
  3. Under Holds, look for the HRC. This is the meningitis law hold. You will not see this hold unless the law applies to you.
  4. Click the Magnus Health link next to the HRC hold. You will be directed to the Magnus Health website.
  5. Use your ACCeID and password to register for an account at the Magnus Health website.
  6. Once you create the account, will can access an instructional video, forms, and other information needed to comply with the law.
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