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Faculty Support Services Overview


Contact Information

Campus Managers (includes Evening and Weekend Supervisors):

A campus manager manages and monitors campus facilities:

  • general information and referrals
  • Supervise campus Duplication
  • Requests for custodial or maintenance services
  • to reserve rooms or request room changes
  • Admission & Records functions when that office is closed
  • Liaison with Facilities & Operations, Campus Police
  • vending machine refunds; and
  • minor first aid
Campus Managers

Classroom Supplies

  • Supplies such as chalk and markers for white boards are available through the faculty member's Dean or the Campus Administration Office.
  • In evening or on weekends, emergency requests can be made through the Campus Manager's Office (see Campus Manager section above for contact information).


Classroom Technology Support

Technology carts may be checked out through the Media Center on each campus,



For campus information visit: http://irt.austincc.edu/directory/ictStaff.php



  • Duplication services are available on each campus, including Highland Business Center


Duplication Centers by Campus

  • Cypress Creek: 223.2004; Rm #1011
  • Eastview: 223.5184; 2000 Rm 2167
  • HBC: 223.7539; Rm 108
  • Northridge: 223.4704; 1000/1107
  • Pinnacle: 223.8088; Main 110
  • Rio Grande: 223.3008; Main 204.0
  • Riverside: 223.6117; A/2209
  • Round Rock: 223-0007; Bldg 1000/Rm 1103.01
  • South Austin Campus: 223-9100; Room 1141

E-mail accounts: The ACC Help Desk is available for all your e-mail needs. 

Call 223.4357 or email helpdesk@austincc.edu

Learn all you need to know at http://www.austincc.edu/helpdesk/docs

Faculty Awards:

Adjunct Faculty Teaching Excellence, Teaching Excellence, NISOD, and the Minnie L. Stevens Piper Award Nomination.

Learn more at http://www.austincc.edu/hr/profdev/teachingawards.php

Faculty Development Days:

Held twice a year, in August and in January

Contact info (see above)


Faculty Evaluations:

Faculty Support Operations coordinates all faculty evaluations.

Highland Business Center
Telephone: (512) 223-7745
Fax: (512) 223-7797

Faculty Handbook -- updated yearly

Instructional Development Services (IDS)

Instructional Development Services provides support to faculty and staff in the areas of Curriculum Development, Distance Learning and Hybrid Course Design and Adaptation, Instructional Design, Video/Multimedia Production, Educational Research, Innovation Grants, Planning and Needs Analysis, Technology Training, Technology Integration, Web Development, Assessment and Evaluation.

Susan Thomason, Director of Instructional Development, 223.7796, sthomaso@austincc.edu


Library Services:

  • Library: Checking out materials, ACC ID Cards, TexShare Cards
  • Circulation Services: Interlibrary Loan, Document Delivery, Photocopy Services
  • Document Services: Study Help Guides, Documentation Guides
  • Reference and Resources Services:Searching the Library Catalog, Electronic Indexes & Databases, Off-Campus access to resources, Reference Services, Library Use Instruction, Requesting Books; Media; Computer Software for purchase
  • Reserves: Course Reserves, Electronic reserves, Copyright Information
Library Contact Information:
     Cypress Creek: 223.2030 Eastview: 223.5109 Northridge: 223.4746
     Pinnacle: 223.8113 Rio Grande: 223.3067 Riverside: 223.6006
     Round Rock: 223.0104 South Austin: 223.9108  


All new adjuncts and new full-time faculty receive mentors who are paid a $200 stipend for 10 hours of mentoring.

See Professional Development (info below)


Professional Development


Staff information at http://www.austincc.edu/hr/profdev/staff.php


Deadlines and summaries are posted on the web

See Professional Development (info above)


Summer Institute

Summer Institute is an intensive training session held yearly in July by Instructional Development Services. This program focuses on the development and application of specialized instructional methods designed to help faculty become more effective teachers. Faculty work closely with instructional development staff to enhance or adapt their courses and incorporate best practices for classroom or electronically delivered instruction.

Susan Thomason, Director of Instructional Development, 223.7796, sthomaso@austincc.edu



Virus Information

A central source of information on computer viruses and virus hoaxes affecting ACC

Helpdesk: 223.4357; helpdesk@austincc.edu


Voice mail accounts

ACCNet provides email and voice mail accounts for all ACC faculty and staff

Helpdesk: 223.4357; helpdesk@austincc.edu

WWW accounts

ACC faculty and staff are eligible to have www accounts on our web server

Helpdesk: 223.4357; helpdesk@austincc.edu


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