History 1301-137 (34477)
  Fall 2016
Online Orientation (8 Week Semester)

To complete your registration for this course YOU MUST complete the online orientation form below and email it to me by the first week of the semester. Failure to complete the orientation form by the assigned date will mean that you MAY BE DROPPED FROM THE COURSE.  I will reply to your email indicating I have received your Student Information sheet.  Only when you have received this email reply will you be considered to have been oriented.

To orient yourself to the course:

1. Look through all the History 1301 course information links on my webpage
2. Cut and paste this page to an email document
3. Answer each question and fill in the student information sheet
4. Email your completed form to pgoines@austincc.edu


1. I understand the course Learning Objectives are located on the Study Guide     _____________

2. I understand the requirements in the Course Syllabus ___________

3. I understand that all exams are taken in ACC Testing Centers and I understand ACC Testing Center Procedures . ____________

4. I understand that I MAY TAKE EXAMS BEFORE THE DEADLINE DATE. I understand that I may take exams on the day of the deadline. I understand that if I take an exam after the deadline, FOR ANY REASON, that the highest I can earn on that exam is a 21/30 (70%). I understand that it is STRONGLY ADVISED that I take exams before the deadlines and that no excuses will be accepted for missing a deadline.  _____________

5. I understand that I am entitled to retest once for EACH exam, but that the highest score on this retest is a 21/30. _______________

6. I understand that all exams must be completed no later than DECEMBER 8 and that any exam taken after that deadline WILL NOT BE COUNTED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. ____________

7. I understand that I must have a 24 average/120 points (80%) on exams to be eligible to write either the Research Paper or the Book Review. I understand that this is an inflexible requirement and that exam grades are NOT ROUNDED UP. I understand that if I have 119 points I am not eligible to write either paper. I understand that if I intend to write either paper it is STRONGLY ADVISED that I take exams early so I will know my position in the course. Seriously, I understand this. _______________

8. I understand which edition of the textbook I need. ___________

9. I understand the grading system. _____________

10. I understand the course requirements for making an A, B, C, and D for this course. ____________

11. I understand that the grade of D might not transfer as credit to other colleges and universities. ___________

12. I understand that the last day to drop this course without academic penalty is NOVEMBER 27 and that withdrawing from the course is the student's responsibility. I understand that the instructor WILL NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, retroactively withdraw a student who misses this deadline._________________

13. I understand that I must keep the feedback form given to me by the the Testing Center staff after I have taken an exam as this is my proof of my grade and that I have completed the assignment. _______________

14. I understand what plagiarism is and that students who are guilty of any form of academic dishonesty (cheating or plagiarism) may not withdraw and will receive an F FOR THE COURSE.  _____________

15. I am aware of the History Department's expectations for all ACC students. _____________

HIST 1301 (8 Week Session) 

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Student ID# __________________________________

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         city                                              ZIP

Telephone number  ___________________


Best time to call____________________________________

Do NOT call at:______________________________________

At this time, I will be out of town from ________________---------______________


Is this your first self-paced course?______________

Number of semester hours you are taking this semester

     (including this course.)_____________________________

College or University you normally attend_________________