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2015 – 2016 Events for the Department of Philosophy

February 24 2016

High-Tech Humanities: Exploring the impact of technology on the human experience
7:00pm | Eastview Campus, Rm. 8500

Technology touches every facet of our lives. But has it changed what it means to be human? Does that smartphone in your pocket have a hand in redefining humanity? Join ACC Humanities professors, Desi Ward, Kerri Pope, and Jean Lauer for a film screening and discussion that delves into the effects of technology on the global population. Free. More info: 512-223-3352.

March 30 2016

Why Non-Human Lives Matter
7:00pm | Eastview Campus, Rm. 8500

ACC Philosophy professors, Sandy Clabaugh and Wade Allen will explore these questions: What is the moral status of non-human animals? Do we have moral obligations to non-human animals? By giving different ethical perspectives in which the rights of animals are taken seriously, this panel will examine the consequences of these rights in the contexts of factory farming, animal experimentation, hunting, and zoos. Free. More info: 512-223-3352.