Kathryn Watts-Martinez

I have been teaching classes and been the department office administrative manager at ACC since 1987. Before coming to ACC I studied medical and commercial photography at Ohio Institute of Photography in Dayton Ohio, receiving several Bio-medical photography awards from Wright Patterson Air Force Base. I worked as a commercial/ industrial photographer for a studio in Cleveland, Ohio photographing Steel Mills and other commercial and advertising jobs. At the same time I worked for Northern Ohio Live Magazine photographing many of the big social events such as the opening night of the Cleveland Orchestra, ballet, fundraisers and parties. I currently have my own fine art photography business called Solar Images which allows me to sell my art in galleries. I also freelance for glamour magazines. This job takes me to amazing locations around the world. I have traveled with them to Belize, Barbados, Grenadine Islands and Hawaii. My job with the magazine as well as being location manager is to photograph the behind the scenes candids, landscapes and various location images. As you can tell I love all areas of professional photography but by far the most rewarding work for me has been teaching and seeing our students becoming successful.

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