Prof. H. Lynn Jones

1947 to Present

Born: Springfield, IL (1931)
Reared: IL, ME, TX
Photo. Educ. BA Brooks Institute of Photography
Maj: Advertising Illustration
Min: Cinematography & Photo Lab Management USN Medical Photography School Florida American School (defunct)

  • Published over 350 magazine articles and columns in photography, optics, astronomy, published or sold many hundreds of photographs
  • Creator or co-creator of 44 catalogs, more than 100 ads, brochures, newsletters
  • Military: 9 years HM1, USN/USMC Medical Photographer, OR Tech., X-ray Tech., Medical Field Tech. + Free Lance Photographer/Writer since 1947
  • Austin Community College, Assoc. Prof., Prof., Dept. Head, Program Coordinator 1990-2004 + Photography & Communications Consultants (CA/IL/TX) + Co-owner (W/Spouse) Town & Country Studios (TX)
  • Regional VP, Burleigh Brooks Optics, Inc. & Burke & James (IL)
  • Corp. GM, Photoart Visual Service (WI)
  • VP Celestron Pacific Telescopes, Inc. (CA)
  • Western Div. Mgr., Calumet Photographic, Inc. (CA)
  • Eastern Div. Mgr., Calumet Photographic, Inc. (NYC)
  • Asst. to VP/SMA, Calumet Mfg. Co., Inc. (IL, Parent of Calumet Photographic) + Technical Manager, Texas Industrial Film Co., Inc.
  • Co-Owner, Graphic Studio (TX)

Creator of Calumet Wide Field Camera, Processing System for Orbiting UV laboratory, Sensitometric Processor for Lincoln Labs of MIT, Chemical Mixer, Several Chemical Filtration Systems, Motion Picture Spray Processor, MP Sound Track Processors, Corrosion Resistant Plumbing Systems, Several Photographic Facilities, Ship Borne Photo Processing Systems, Calumet Color Analyzer, Sensitometric Evaluation Systems, and Dozens of Specialized Lab Products.

Co-Creator of Caltar Lenses, 8X10 View Camera, 10X10 Enlarger, 120/220 Roll Holder, 220 Roll Film, Computar Enlarging Lenses, View Camera Lenses, Apo Lenses among others. Co-Author of all State of Texas Commercial Photography Courses.