Congratulations to the winners of the Precision Camera & Video awards.

1st Place went to Jonathan Allen for his print "A Quick Drink." He received a $250 Gift Certificate to Precision.

2nd place went to Jessica Thier for her print "Marter and Pestle." She received a $150 Gift Certificate to Precision.


3rd place went to Lance Holt for his print "Meta Martini."
He received a $100 Gift Certificate to Precision.


There was also an new award this year for Best Portfolio which went to Katie Jo Dixon. She received a $150 Gift Certificate to Precision.


Congratulations to all our certificate winners!


Best of Fundamentals

Christine Schuler
"Hiding Behind the Music"

Honorable Mention(s)
John Tolman
"Frost Bank"
Christi Curnoff
Christine Day
"A Tuesday in London"

Best of Intermediate

Rama Tiru
"Blue Magic"

Honorable Mention: Portrait

Dinah Guerrero

Best Intermediate Portrait

Rachel Caprio

Honorable Mention: Landscape
Czeslaw Sornat
"Texas Sunset"

Best Intermediate Landscape

Imelda Saavedra

Honorable Mention: Product
Jennifer Carter
"Razzy Jazzy"

Best In Intermediate Product

Jennifer Carter
"The Milky Way"


Portrait I

Best of Portrait I

Carolyn Coffey

Honorable Mention(s)
Jonathan Allen
"Pretty in Pink"
Portrait II

Best of Portrait II

Ken Nordhauser
"Character Study of Suvin Stakouski"

Honorable Mention(s)
Barbara Wood
"Sweet Sarah"
Illustrative I  

Best of Illustrative I

Lance Holt
"Bota Martini"

Honorable Mention(s)
Tania Guinesberg
"Angel Haired Pasta Girl"

Illustrative II

Best of Illustrative II

Michael Abrego
"Beverage One"

Honorable Mention(s)
Frank Ragan
"Java Time"
Sarah Cornelius
"Party Time"

Photojournalism I

Best of Photojournalism I

Casey Woods
"Blue Dog Rescue"

  Honorable Mention(s)
Rebecca Hirscher
"The Grove"
Photojournalism II      

Best of Photojournalism II

Barbara Wood
"The Sweet Smell of Innocence"

  Honorable Mention(s)
Molly Boyd
"On My Way to the Top"
Retouching I  

Best of Retouching I

Frank Ragan

  Honorable Mention(s)
Tania Guinsberg
"Twin Sister"
Rama Tiru
Digital I  

Best of Digital I

Eric Wilson
"Two Crazy Chicks"

.   Honorable Mention(s)
Lynn Jones
"Colorado Winter"
Eric Wilson
"King of 6 th. St."
Rachel Caprio
Digital II  

Best of Digital II

Paul Boone
"Got Nitro?"

  Honorable Mention(s)
Shawna Mora
"Trail of Dreams"

Best of Architecture

Sophie Knott
"Parmer at Dusk"

Honorable Mention(s)
Sophie Knott
"Barsana Dahm"

Best of Fashion

Keith Rizzo
"My Mother's" Husband"

  Honorable Mention(s)
Oscar Hinojosa
"Here's Looking At You Kid"
Lab Only  

Best of Lab Only

Katie Jo Dixon
"Daughter of Moses"

  Honorable Mention(s)
Andra Read
"Summer Sunset"
Close-up and Macro  

Best of Close-up and Macro

Keith Rizzo
"Some Kind of Flower"

Honorable Mention(s)
Andra Read
"The Blue Predator"

Best Portfolio

Katie Jo Dixon
"Golden Cove"

Honorable Mention(s)
Denny Thomas
"Night Scene"
Copyright ACC Photography Dept. 2002