Congratulations to the winners of the Precision Camera & Video awards.

1st Place
went to Bobby Segovia for his print
Student received a $250 Gift Certificate to Precision.

2nd place
went to Allen Corralejo for her print "Marina Repose".
Student received a $150 Gift Certificate to Precision.


3rd place
went to Janet Strunk for her print "Roger".
Student received a $100 Gift Certificate to Precision.


Best Portfolio (Anna;s portfolio not shown)
went to Perry Hall for "Remember". Student received a $150 Gift Certificate to Precision.


Congratulations to all our ribbon and certificate winners!

Judges Choice Ribbons:

Judges Choice

Kyle Woods


Judges Choice

Hasnain Shabbir
"Smell of Spring"


Special Awards

Alisia Vega


Special Awards

Katrina Van Oosten


Special Awards

Marco Gutierrez
"Indian Woman by the River"


Best of Fundamentals (People)

Maia Assaf
"The purposless Hat of Uncle Kostya"

Honorable Mention(s)
Terence McCrea
"New Sheriff"








Honorable Mention(s)

Taylor Thompson
"Midnight in NYC"

Best of Fundamentals (Places)

Dan Goodwin
"At Least You Don't Live Here"


Best of Fundamentals(Things)

Melissa Mayer
"Left Behind"

Honorable Mention(s)
Martha Chacon
"Shall we Dance"

Best of Intermediate (Portrait)

Josephine Heidepriem
" Karl"

Honorable Mention: Portrait


Starsky Lewis


Best Intermediate (Commercial)

Denise Valdez
"Experience Orange Sapphire"

com intermed Honorable Mention
Taylor Greer

Best Intermediate (Landscape)

Jojo Dearman
"Enchanted Sunrise"


Honorable Mention

Tony Frizell
"Hill Country Blues"


Portrait I

Best of Portrait I

Marco Gutierrez
"The Thinkerr"

Honorable Mention(s)
May Lau
Portrait II

Best of Portrait II

Bobby Segovia


Honorable Mention(s)
Dayci Rodriguez "Opportunity Seeker"
Illustrative I  

Best of Illustrative I

Elena Araya-Callis
"It's Just a Tomato!"

dupl Honorable Mention(s)
Robert Gomez
"A Trio of Mussels with Caviar"
Illustrative II

Best of Illustrative II

Nicole Delcuze


Honorable Mention(s)
ArayEmerson Walter "The Chronographer"


Best of Expressive

Kirsten Avants-Baker


Honorable Mention(s)
Stephen Hooker "Stopping Power"
Photojournalism I      

Best of Photojournalism I
Picture Story

Katrina Van Oosten

  Honorable Mention(s)
David Saenz
"Poets and Musicians March for Peace"
Photojournalism I

Best of Photojournalism I
News Item

David Saenz
"If it looks like a Poet..."


Honorable Mention(s)
Katrina Van Oosten " Bone Collector"
Retouching I  

Best of Retouching I

Marco Gutierrez
"Indian Woman by the River"

  Honorable Mention(s)
Mike Reed
Retouch II

Best of Retouch II


.   Honorable Mention(s)
Jin Hang Qiao
"Join Me for a Drink"
Location Portraiture

Best of Location Portraiture

Danielle Aldana "Never a Last Call"

  Honorable Mention(s)
Bobby Segovia "Hero"

Best of Landscape

Louie Dickey
"All Alone"

Honorable Mention(s)

Roger Darley "Winter"

Close-Up and Macro

Best of Close-up and Macro

Danielle Strickland "The Eye"

Honorable Mention(s)

Danielle Strickland "Feeding the Family"

Digital Imaging II
Template copy

Best of Digital Imaging II

James Eastham "Lonely Planet"

template   Honorable Mention(s)
Brandy Otto "Pixels of Life"
Color Photography II

Best of Color Photography II

Kevin Burrell "Mckinney Stream"


Honorable Mention(s)

Kyle Woods "Aqua Santa"

Lab Only

Best of Lab Only (People)

Shawn Collie
"Lend a Hand"

Honorable Mention(s)

Dayci Rodriguiz "The Unconsious Mind"


Lab Only

Best of Lab Only (Places)

May Lau "It's Almost Midnight"

Honorable Mention(s)

Jennifer Klanika "A Gold & Purple Majesty"

Lab Only

Best of Lab Only (Things)

Ramy John "Heart of Pepper"

Honorable Mention(s)

Robert Gomez "This Alarm Will Wake You Up!"

Copyright ACC Photography Dept. 2002