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Spring 2014

Instructions for Spring 2014

Remember to send your spring assessment data to June Mullin. The following assessments are due:

  • ASTR 1303 and 1403 (Stellar): Standard assessment (HR diagram). Contact Jim Heath if you have questions about this assessment.

  • ENGR 1201 and 2301: Same assessment as Spring 2014 - Outcome 1 for ENGR 2301 and outcome 3 for ENGR 1201. Engineering instructors should have already received instructions from Saad Eways. Contact Saad Eways if you have questions about these assessments.

  • PHYS 2425 and 2426: Written communication assessment for a lab report. Also include the final grade, and either HW or attendance data. Click here to download the assessment template for written communication. Contact James Friedrichsen if you have questions about this assessment.

More information on the required Spring 2015 assessments can be found here.



Updated: May 20, 2015