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Beginning of the Summer Semester: Things to Do


Your syllabi and office hours must be posted online through Lighthouse. This is a state requirement and at some point we will be audited to see if we are in compliance with the state law. If you have not used Lighthouse before, go to A tutorial is available there. This should be done about 5 days before the semester begins. Check to see that all of your classes have syllabi posted by going to the ACC web schedule, choosing the current semester, choosing "Instructor by Discipline" and then your name.

Upload Your Syllabi

Please upload your syllabi to Google Drive. You can access the folder here:


If you are no longer using a textbook that you check out from me or another administrative assistant, please return it. If the book is an old edition, I do not want it back.


Please fill out the ACC Web Directory Change Form if there are any changes or if you are a new instructor.

Parking Permits

ACC parking permits are now available online (you pay online with a debit/credit card or electronic check and pick up the parking permit at a campus cashier's office.) Please go to You will need to enter your vehicle license plate number as well as make and model of your vehicle.


Beginning of the Summer Semester: Things to Know

Lala's office hours for the summer 2016 semester

HLC Campus - Tuesday and Wednesday from 8:00am to 4:30pm (starting June 15th)
RVS Campus - Monday, Thursday and Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm

Reminder: Lala will be at the RVS campus every day for the first two weeks for developmental math level changes until June 14, 2016. She will not start be at HLC until June 15, 2016

Dates to Know

Holidays (ACC closed)

Memorial Day: May 30, 2016
Independence Day: July 4,2016

Census Date/Official Reporting Date (Last day to drop without a grade or a "W")

11 wks: June 15
1st 5.5 wks: June 3
9 wks: June 8
2nd 5.5 wks: July 12

Last day to withdraw

11 wks: August 1
1st 5.5 wks: June 27
9 wks: July 19
2nd 5.5 wks: August 8

Department Meetings

There are no department meetings during the summer.


End of the Spring Semester Things to Do!

  • PHYS 2425 and 2426 and ENGR 1201 and 2301: Send your Spring 2016 assessment data to June Mullin. Need more information? Check the requirements here.

If you are not teaching in the summer 2016 semester:

  • Clear out your mailbox from your campus mail room
  • Return the textbooks back to Lala or the administrative assistant who checked out the book to you.


Updated: July 19, 2016