What happens during a school visit?

We will come to you, and set up 50-100 hands-on activities. Following a brief introduction, students will be free to explore the activities.  ACCHaoS staff will be there to facilitate and answer questions.  Our exhibits include explorations in light, magnetism, air pressure, waves and sound, and electricity. Check out some of our activities!


How much does it cost?

A visit from ACCHaoS is free of charge. We are an outreach program from Austin Community College, and our mission is to get young children excited about science.


Our Needs

Our needs are pretty simple. We need:

Someone to meet us at the front of the school

About an hour before our first group of students, we need someone to direct to us to where we'll set up for the day, and who will make sure that everything is in order.

A place to set up

We need one room with twelve to eighteen large tables for the activities.

Electrical power

Some, but not all, of our activities require electricity. We will bring power strips and extension cords, but we will need access from at least one or two tables to some electrical outlets - two is okay; more is better. We'll work with what we have! We'll arrange the tables, set up the activities, and get everything ready for students.

A schedule for the day

Please try to schedule students for 30-45 minutes sessions if possible. Younger students (K-2nd) do well with shorter time periods of about 30 minutes. If possible, please schedule at least 5 to 10 minutes between student groups so we can straighten up and reset the activities. And please schedule in a lunch break for us too!

Teachers and maybe some parent volunteers

Since this is an unstructured environment, we encourage teachers to be on hand to supervise their students, and try out the activities with them. With younger students it is helpful to have some extra hands to supervise, read signs to the students, and help them work with the activities. Parent volunteers or older student helpers are great for this! We guarantee that they'll have fun too!


If we're spending all or most of the day at your school, we'll need a break for lunch. And if you can feed us as well, that would be awesome. At some schools, the PTA sponsors our lunch. We'll even eat in the cafeteria. We'll give you a head count when we set up the visit.