Office of the President/CEO
President's Extended Team Membership

Chair:  Richard Rhodes

Senior Executive Assistant to the President/CEO:  Pam Sutton

Name Department Title Phone Email
Pat Abbott School Relations Executive Director 223-7720
Gary Abernethy Virtual College of Texas Director 223-8030
Hector Aguilar Continuing Education Executive Dean 223-7663
Richard Armenta Student Success Associate Vice President 223-7955
Terry Bazan Student Assistance & Veterans Affairs Executive Director 223-7550
David Borden Adult Education Executive Director 223-7727
Wade Bradfute Student Services Interim Vice President 223-7053
Yolanda Chapa Student Services, SAC Campus Dean 223-9154
Rebecca Cole Environmental Health, Safety & Insurance Executive Director 223-1015
Charles Cook Academic Affairs Provost/Executive Vice President 223-7612
Melissa Curtis Student Services, EVC Campus Dean 223-5129
Stephanie Dempsey ACC Foundation Executive Director 223-7741
Lynn Dixon Police Chief 223-1226
Ben Ferrell Finance & Administration Executive Vice President 223-1098
David Fonken Math & Sciences Dean 223-4606
Virginia Fraire Student Services, PIN Campus Dean 223-8007
Sylvia Galvan Gonzalez Student Services, EGN Campus Dean 223-9407
Lyman Grant Arts & Humanities Dean 223-3352
Annette Gregory College and Career Preparatory Programs Executive Director 414-4491
Stacey Guney Highland Learning Center Executive Director 223-7155
Stan Gunn Information Technology Associate Vice President 223-1166
Gary Hampton Applied Technologies, Multimedia & Public Service Dean 223-6085
Mary Harris Academic Planning, Development, and Evaluation Associate Vice President 223-7705
Stephanie Hawley College Access Programs Associate Vice President 223-7612
William Hayden International Programs Director 223-7689
Mary Hensley Operations Executive Vice President 223-7618
Dorado Kinney Student Services, Highland Campus Dean 223-7391
Eileen Klein Health Sciences Executive Dean 223-5863
Linda Kluck Admissions & Records Executive Director 223-7503
Brette Lea Public Information and College Marketing Executive Director 223-7611
Joe Lostracco Instruction Special Assistant to the VP, Instruction 223-7607
Gary Madsen P-16 Initiatives Director 223-7087
Molly Beth Malcolm President's Office Special Assistant to the President/CEO 223-7683
Soon Merz Effectiveness and Accountability Vice President 223-7035
Mike Midgley Instruction Vice President 223-7579
Emma Moore iStudent Services, NRG Interim Campus Dean 223-4721
Bill Mullane Facilities and Construction Executive Director 223-1024
Reed Peoples Business Studies Dean 223-8124
George Reyes Student Services, HYS Campus Dean 223-6525
Richard Rhodes President's Office President/CEO 223-7598
Rachel Ruiz Student Services, RVS Campus Dean 223-6019
Gaye Lynn Scott Social & Behavioral Sciences Dean 223-3770
Tim Self Student Services, CYP Interim Campus Dean 223-2028
Linda Smarzik Computer Studies and Advanced Technology Dean 223-4760
Position Vacant/TBA Instructional Resources & Technology Associate Vice President 223-7792 TBA
Louella Tate Student Services, RRC Campus Dean 223-0045
Julie Todaro Library Services Dean 223-3071
Gerry Tucker Human Resources Vice President 223-7572
Neil Vickers Finance and Budget Associate Vice President 223-1078
Hazel Ward Communications Dean 223-5015
Voncille Wright Student Services, RGC Campus Dean 223-3127