Association of Professional Technical Employees
Question of the Week Results, November 27, 2006

As it relates to an educational incentive, which do you support?

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Administrative Rule

Comparison Chart

Results of November 27, 2006 Question of the Week survey:

43 responses I support the Draft Administrative Rule. (I support a one time stipend for each degree or college credit workforce technical certificate.)
99 responses I support a fixed percentage of my annual salary per degree or college credit workforce technical certificate.
10 responses Other
152 Total responses


Comments from Other:

1. I support a fixed % of my annual salary per degree and a one time stipend per college credit workforce technical certificate
2. a fixted percentage of my annual salary for only one degree above what is required for the current position.
3. degree should equal fixed percentage; technical certificate should equal one time stipend
4. I support a fixed percentage of annual salary per degree earned; the parameters for the workforce stipend are vague and I can not vote for or against at this time.
5. As a Prof Tech employee currently considering going back to school to obtain my doctoral degree in higher education administration ... I strongly urge ACC to consider more than a one-time $1,000.00 stipend per additional degree. Considering ... 1) the ACC administrative positions that I would consider applying for next (next step up from where I am now) don't require a doctoral degree; 2) the number of years (at least 3) and expenses (starting at $3,000.00/semester at a state university) related to obtaining a doctoral degree; 3) and the fact that I currently cannot use the three annual course vouchers as financing towards a doctoral degree (as could another ACC employees seeking an Associates or transfer credit to a Bachelors degree); ... a single $1,000.00 stipend is really no incentive at all. I support the idea of a fixed percentage of my annual salary per degree ... similar to the previous 2% step increase.
6. tuition reimbursement for upper level or post-secondary studies.
7. Seeing that individuals who are attempting a Bachelor's degree or higher will have to obtain this degree at an institution other than ACC, I think some sort of tuition reimbursement would be of more value. Even if was 100% for each A, 80% for each B, etc.
8. I already have terminal degree-just pay me higher salary
9. The Administrative Rule as long as the degree or certificate is job related.
10. a variation of the first item; never the second.