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Frequently Asked Questions about Purchasing
1. What do you mean by "conflict of interest?"
Conflicts of Interest: No contract for the purchase of Personal Property or service shall be awarded to any vendor where the contract would violate the applicable state laws regarding conflicts of interest by elected or appointed public officers. Neither ACC trustees, employees, nor their spouses shall accept gifts or entertainment from vendors of the College. The College shall not do business with any of its trustees, employees, or their spouse. [ACC Administrative Rule 7.02.001 (i) (B)]
2. How do we obtain quotes for goods over $5,000 but LESS THAN $10,000?

1. Identify three vendors that would be able to supply the product you will eventually order. Be sure to include at least one HUB vendor. Contact these vendors and ask them for a written quote.
2. Complete the quotation form for purchasing found on our site or the ACC forms web site.
3. Submit the quotation form with your requisition back up form and the quotes that you received.
4. Purchasing will have the authority to determine the best value to your benefit and place your order.
5. The buyers can also obtain the quotes for you if you provide them with the specifications you require for the product you are ordering.

3. What is sequence purchasing?
Sequential purchases are purchases, made over period of time, of items that in normal purchasing practices would be purchased in one purchase.
4. What are commodities and how do I use them?
Commodities are a list of tangible items of property purchased, leased or otherwise obtained by the college. Commodities do not include goods/property purchased for resale.
5. How do I get a copy of the buyers and their responsibilities?

Currently, there is a commodity list by buyers on the Purchasing web site to help you to determine who to contact for help with your order. Follow this link:

6. How do I know what my GL account balance is?
Anyone who has access to Purchasing in Datatel can access their own GL account by viewing the xs19 screen. In Datatel IU, using the quick access box, enter xs19 and click go. You should be able to view a screen that will ask you to enter the unit number (the five digit number in your account number); enter the location (the last two digits of your account number) and the fiscal year as 4 digits. For FY13, it would be "2013" (or the current fiscal year) When you hit enter, you should be able to view your account information.
7. What are the inquiry screens that I will use to research the stages of my requisitions?

RINQ: This screen will show the requisition you have created for goods or service. On this screen, you will be able to detail in to the PO number or BPO number. When you click on the blue box next to these options, you will detail in to see more information.

PINQ: This screen will show the purchase order created from your requisition. It will also show you the requisition number (REQ No.) used to create the PO. If any payment has been made, that will be accessible on this screen as well. Look for Vouchers. By clicking on the blue box, you can detail in to see more information.

VENI: This screen will show you the history for the vendor you used. On this screen, you should be able to identify the requisition you started with, the purchase order that was created and then any payments made to the vendor, if there has been any.

8. What is the Payment of Provider Form?

The payment of provider form is an invoice form now used be the vendor for certain services to the college. It is used to pay providers of services to ACC for $1,000 or less. This form replaces the hand-printed (generic) invoices being used by some ACC departments to pay for various types of service including, but not limited to: Honoraria - $1,000 or less ; Modeling Services - Art; purchasing of student art; Drama Production Services.

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