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Notice of Selection or Awards


RFP961-14004RW Notice of Award

Provision of Non-Destructive Testing Services Distrct Wide


RFP961-14002RW Notice of Selection

District-Wide Training Services for EHS Training


IFB475-14013CC Notice of Selection

Health Sciences Supplies and Equipment.


IFB971-14020CC Public Notice of Selection

Room Rental/Catering Holiday Party 2014.


RFP936-14015RW Notice of Selection

Emergency Generators Maintenance & Repair Service.


RFP918-14009VJ Notice of Selection

Non-Faculty Compensation Review.

RFP926-14006RW Notice of Selection

Hazardous & Other Regulated Waste Management

RFP961-14005RW Notice of Selection

Jurisdictional Representation Services District-Wide.

RFQ925-14003RW Notice of Selection

Land Surveying Services.

IFB260-13028CC Notice of Selection

Competitive Soliciation for Dental Hygiene Supplies and Equipment.

RFP946-13025VJ Notice of Selection

Internal Audit Services.

IFB988-13024RW Notice of Award

Tree Trimming, Planting & Related Services.

RFP924-13018RW Notice of Unsuccessful Solicitation

Training Services for District-wide Environmental Health and Safety Training Classes Indefinite Delivery-Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ).

IFB595-13015RW Notice of Selection

District-Wide Ground Bedding Plants & Services.


Rental of Faculty & Staff Regalia

RFP934-13008RW Notice of Selection

District-Wide Irrigation Systems Maintenance & Repairs.

RFP961-13005VJ Notice of Selection

Travel Management Systems.

RFP910-13004RW Notice of Selection

Plumbing Materials & Services District-Wide.

RFP961-13003 VJ Notice of Selection

License Management Services.

RFQ906-13002RW Notice of Award

Request for Qualifications from firms for services to provide Architectural & Engineering Services under an Indefinite Delivery-Indefinite Quantity Contract (IDIQ).

RFQ961-13001CC Notice of No Selection/Award

District-wide Convenience and/or Full Food Service.

RFQ936-12023RW Notice of Selection

Equipment & Services for Various Trades.

IFB971-12021CC Notice of Award

Room Rental/Catering Holiday Party 2012

* Replaces notice of selection.

IFB971-12020CC Notice of Award

Room Rental/Catering General Assembly 2012.

RFP915-12019AN Notice of Selection

Video Production Services.

RFP931-12017RW Notice of Award

Modular Install & Moving; Move Only.

RFP946-12014AN Notice of Selection

Financial Collection Services.


IFB785-12011VJ Notice of Selection

Printing of Student Planners.

IFB895-12008RW Notice of Selection

Provide District-wide Welding Department materials and consumable supplies.

RFP961-12007CC Notice of Selection

District-wide Vending Services.

IFB928-12004VJ Notice of Selection

Fleet Maintenance Services.

RFP920-12002AN Notice of Award

Asset Removal, Recovery & Recycling Services.

IFB962-12001RW Notice of Award

Provide services and materials for Cooling Towers and Loop Systems.

IFB595-11029CC Notice of Selection

Floral supplies; Fresh Flowers and Foliage.

IFB340-11027CC Notice of Award

Live Fire Training Gear Rental.

IFB936-11026RW Notice of Selection

District-Wide Air Compressor Maintenance Services.

IFB635-11025VJ Notice of Selection

Provision of Waterborne Paint Systems.

RFP952-11023RW Notice of Selection

Employee Assistance Services to Austin Community College District.

RFP909-11022RW Notice of Selection

Submittals from qualified firms for Construction Manager at Risk for the new ACC Hays Campus.

RFQ906-11020RW Notice of Selection

Qualifications from firms to provide Design-Build services for the ARRA Solar Project at Round Rock Campus.

IFB971-11017CC Notice of Award

Qualified companies to submit bids to provide for Special Event Room Rental and Catering for the ACC Holiday Party 2011.

RFP962-11015RW Notice of Selection

Proposals from business entities for the purpose of selecting a provider for the District-wide Signage and Services.

IFB910-11011RW Notice of Award

Bids from qualified firms for District Wide Pest Control Services.

IFB988-11009RW Notice of Selection

Qualified companies to submit bids to provide Fountain Maintenance Services for the Round Rock Campus.

IFB990-11007VJ Notice of Selection

Bids from qualified vendors for Armored Car Services.

RFQ909-11006RS Notice of Selection

Qualifications for Construction Manager-at-Risk for ACC District new campuses.

IFB071-11004VJ Notice of Award

Bids from qualified vendors for Hybrid vehicles.

RFQ906-11001RS Notice of Selection

Qualifications from firms for the purpose of selecting a pool of highly qualified architectural, permitting and engineering firms for indefinite deliver and indefinite (IDIQ) contracts for services.

RFP918-10029RS Notice of Selection

Executive Search Services.

RFQ906-10026RS Notice of Selection

Qualifications for Architectural & Engineering Services for new campuses.

RFP925-10024RW Notice of Selection

Environmental Health & Safety Services; Indefinite Delivery-Indefinite Quantity.

IFB560-10023RW Notice of Selection

Bids from qualified companies for the provision of a propane powered forklift.

RFQ925-10022RW Notice of Selection

Qualifications from firms for the purpose of selecting a provider for geotechnical and materials testing services.


Soliciting bids from qualified firms for the erection of a pre-fabricated steel frame.

RFQ990-10018JH Notice of Selection

Qualification statements from experienced and capable firms for security system value added resellers.


Bids from qualified companies or dealers to provide welding gases.


Providers to submit bids for parking lot maintenance services.



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