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Consulting, Honorarium and Professional Services Agreements

Service agreements are issued through Purchasing. Formal agreements include the Consulting, Honoraria, and Professional Services agreements. To determine which type of agreement is most suitable, consult the Administrative Rule or contact Purchasing.

Please plan ahead! Sufficient time is needed to complete the processing of these agreements.

Employees cannot receive this type of payment. An employee of Austin Community College District cannot be made a contractor according to our Administrative Rule

For Consulting, Honoraria and Professional Services Agreements, complete and submit a Request for Services Agreement.

Once you receive a service agreement, please follow these instructions:

  • Have the vendor sign the agreement, complete the address information and submit a W9.

  • Have the budget authority sign this agreement as the originator.

  • Return the agreement to Purchasing. We will complete the approval process. This contract is not in effect until we have all the required approval signatures.

  • Once you have returned the agreement to us and the approval process is completed, you will receive a payment form. The Budget Authority will need to approve each payment made to the contractor. When payments are to be made, send the payment form to the Purchasing Department.

If you have any questions about these agreements or the process, please contact Purchasing.



Purchasing has streamlined the process for paying providers of certain services. For payments of $1,000 or less, a Payment of Provider Invoice form can be used (see Forms). This form is the official invoice used to pay for various types of services including but not limited to:

  • Honoraria - $1,000 or less
  • Modeling Services for the Art Department
  • Purchasing of Student art
  • Drama Production Services
  • Guest Speaker for a class

Please follow these directions:

  1. If the person is currently employed in any way by Austin Community College, do not use this form.
  2. The form should include the the GL account number, tax ID number, full name of provider, current address and description of services provided.
  3. Obtain the required signature of the provider and the budget authority on this payment form. By signing this form, the provider is confirming the work done and the budget authority is approving the payment.
  4. Use intercampus mail to forward this payment form to Purchasing. DO NOT FAX this form.
  5. Indicate whether this payment should be mailed to the provider or picked up at a cashier's office on campus. Provider will need to show proper identification when picking up their payment.



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