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How to Apply for a Card

Procedures/Guidelines Overview

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The P-Card Program

The preferred method for purchasing small dollar items, such as those costing less than $500 and not anticipated to exceed $1,000 in a calendar month, is the ACC Procurement Card (P-Card).  The intent of the P-Card is to replace the use of purchase orders for small-dollar items and provide a simple mechanism for prepaying certain expenses (e.g., registrations and subscriptions.)  For recurring and large purchases, end users must use the normal purchasing process (requisitions, purchase order, blanket purchase order.)

This card, as issued to qualified employees, acts as a credit card and has specific uses and limitations. 

Budget authority approval is required for a faculty or staff member to become a P-Card cardholder.  Being a cardholder is an important responsibility requiring, completion of mandatory online Procurement Card training, receipt of an ACC P-Card Procedure Manual and execution of a P-Card Cardholder Agreement.


Mandatory Training

Training on the use and management of the card is mandatory.  Register for each of the required online training workshops at Workshop & Event Registration:


  • CARD: Procurement Card Training 1
  • CARD: Procurement Card Training 2


Citibank manages transactions under the ACC P-Card Program.   Transactions and reporting are managed through the Citibank Global Card Management System

Be vigilant with your card information. Identity theft is a problem. Beware of people "phishing" for your personal information. Don't get caught on someone's "hook".



FOR MORE INFORMATION on how you and your department can benefit

from the P-Card or technical help using online banking services, contact:

Anthony Owens, (512) 223.1127

Director, Procurement & Materials Management




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