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Purchasing Basics

The Purchasing Office will review all purchase requests for compliance with applicable laws, regulations, codes and ordinances, and with college policies and procedures.

The responsibility and authority for purchasing goods and services, and for determining proper methods of procurement is vested in the Director of Purchasing.

No purchase of goods and services shall be binding on the college until a written contract or purchase order is entered into by the college and administration by the Purchasing Department.



Type of Purchase Requires single (1) written quote submitted with requisition Requires three (3) written (informal) quotes, one form a HUB-certified vendor, submitted with requisition

Department submits Specifications or desired Scope of Services for Buyer to determine appropriate procurement method

Any single-unit purchase of Equipment, including shipping and installation
Priced up to $5,000.00

Priced between $5,000.00
and 30,000.00***

Priced above $30,000.00
Single transaction purchases of Goods and/or Services*
Priced up to $10,000.00

Priced between $10,000.00
and $30,000.00

Priced above $30,000.00
Library books and/or subscriptions, sole source items

*This does not include professional services, consulting services or honorarium payments. Contact Purchasing for specific guidelines on these contracted services.

**Aggregate purchases of goods and/or services from a single vendor exceeding $50,000.00 in a single year require formal solicitation if not currently under contract or available through state contract, interlocal agreement, or eligible public cooperative.

***All equipment valued greater than $500.00 must be tagged and requires ACC inventory tagging as well as capital asset.

Detailed information regarding the above can be found in the
Purchasing Handbook

Frequently Asked Questions

Read Administrative Rules as they apply to purchasing.

Procurement Card

Click the link to access information about vendors and services most frequency used:

Vendor Information

Reference Guide

(How to complete requisitions in UI... Step by step instructions)

Purchasing Training

Check the Professional Development Web site for current opportunities



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