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Commodity Assignments


Procurement Handbook


Purchasing Quick Links


Use the links below to contact a Buyer or identify a vendor for common needs.  If you don't see what you need here, refer to Purchasing Commodity Assignments page or call us at (512) 223.1300.


Business Cards

Business cards for classified staff, administrators and faculty can be ordered online at    To log in, you must enter ACC's account number, password and your name   You will also need to know the GL account to charge the purchase.  See Business Card Orders for additional information on ordering and pricing of business cards for your department. 


If you have any questions, contact our Buyer, Vickie Johnson.


When planning a special event, please visit Environmental Health Safety & Insurance's Special Event Permitting page for compliance standards,



  • For multi-function device (copier) requests, contact HBC Duplication Services
  • For multi-function device (copier) services or supplies, contact your local Campus Duplication/Mailroom or our Ricoh representative, Heather Walker, directly at (512) 223.7306.
  • For desktop printer purchases, contact our Buyer, James Hawkins
  • For inkjet printer services or cartridges, contact your local Campus Duplication/Mailroom or our local Ricoh representative, Elisia Connell, directly at (512) 381.7737.
  • For paper supply requests, contact your local Campus Duplication/Mailroom or HBC Duplication Services.
  • For duplication requests, contact HBC Duplication Services.


Food Service Providers

Refer to the current Budget Manual for Food/Refreshment Guidelines for the purchase of food or refreshment for college functions. Please follow Food Service Guidelines published by our Environmental Health Safety & Insurance Department (EHS).  Contact EHS for qualified providers.


Fuel Card Program

Fuel cards are available on approval.  The Fuel Card is designed for purchases of fuel for ACC vehicles and equipment.  It can also be used for simple maintenance items such as car washes, oil changes, replacement fluids and flat tire repairs. Training on the use and management of the fuel card are mandatory.   Register for the one-hour online CARD: Fuel Card Training course on the Workshop & Event Registration site. 


Furniture Purchases

Furniture requests must be approved by Facilities.  Go to Facilities' Furniture Request page or contact our Buyer, Rodney Wheeler for more information.  Please note that Central Warehouse Services no longer surpluses furniture for use by other departments. You must request furniture approved by Facilities.


Mobile Phones/Pagers

For additional information on Cell Phones or Pagers, contact our Purchasing Assistant, Alex Rivera.


Office Supplies

Office supplies may be purchased directly online using our contract supplier account established with Office Depot.  To request access, complete an Office Depot User ID form.  For additional information, contact Daniel Rodriguez.


Payment of Provider Invoices

For services costing $1,000 or less, Purchasing offers a streamlined payment process.  Visit the Consulting, Honorarium and Professional Services page for instructions on using the Payment of Provider Invoice form or contact Alex Rivera or Daniel Rodriguez.  Services should be performed and received by department prior to authorizing payment when using this payment process.



For printing projects, contact our Buyer, Vickie Johnson.


P-Card Program

For information on the procurement card program visit the P-Card Program page.


Promotional Products, Branded Garments

Requests for promotional products or ACC-branded garments must be approved by Marketing before ordering.  For a list of qualified vendors and guidelines, see Merchandise or contact our Buyer, Vickie Johnson.


Service Agreements

For services costing more than $1,000, an approved agreement is required.  A standardized agreement form is available through Contracts Administration and can be requested by completing a Request for Services Agreement form.  For guidelines on contracting services with non-ACC employees visit our Consulting, Honorarium and Professional Service Agreements page, review Administrative Rule 7.02.002 Contractors: Consultant Services, Professional Services & Honoraria, or contact Laura Ottmers.


Travel Advance Card Program

For information on obtaining a Travel Advance Card, see our Travel Advance Card page or contact Michael Garcia.


Travel Agency

For information on ACC's contracted travel agency, see Travel Agency Information.


Travel Rules and Guidelines

Refer to Administrative Rule 7.03.001, Travel and associated Guidelines/Procedures for ACC business-related travel. For current reimbursement rates, see Accounts Payable.


Technology Purchases

For information on purchasing software, computer or networking-related technology, contact our Buyer, James Hawkins.


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