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Registers of Submittals Received


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RFP 968-15005RW REGISTER: DW Solid Waste Diposal and Refuse Services
RFP 910-150001RW HLC Elevator Replacement
REP918-14022VJ REGISTER:REVISED Public Register
IFB475-14013CC REGISTER: Health Science Supplies & Equipment

REGISTER: Public Register Report RFP 946-14021AO
P3 Initiative for the Redevelopment of Former Dillard's Building at Highland Mall.

RFP936-14015RW REGISTER: Emergency Generator Maint. & Repair Services
RFP918-14009VJ REGISTER: Non-Faculty Compensation Review
RFP946-14008VJ REGISTER: ACC Money Purchase Plan
RFP926-14006RW REGISTER: Hazardous and Other Regulated Waste Management Services District-Wide
RFP961-14005RW REGISTER:Jurisdictional Representation
RFP924-14004RW REGISTER: Non-Destructive Testing Services District-wide
RFP924-14003RW REGISTER: Land Surveying Services
RFP924-14002RW REGISTER: Destrict-Wide Traning Services for EHS Classes IDIQ
RFQ946-13025VJ REGISTER: Internal Audit Services
RFQ906-13022RW REGISTER: Master Planning HLC Qualification Submittals
RFQ961-13019RS REGISTER: District Wide Campus Food Services
RFP924-13018RW REGISTER:District-Wide Training Services for EHS Training Classes IDIQ
RFP934-13008RW REGISTER:Irrigation Systems Maintenance & Repair Services District-Wide
RFP840-13007AS REGISTER: HDTV Studio Upgrade for Pinnacle Campus
RFP961-13005VJ REGISTER:Travel Management Services
RFP910-13004RW REGISTER: Plumbing Materials & Services
RFP-961-13003VJ REGISTER: License Management Services
RFQ906-13002RW REGISTER: A&E Services IDIQ

REGISTER: District-wide Convenience/Full Food Services

RFP961-12024VJ REGISTER: Criminal Background Check Services
RFP961-12022VJ REGISTER: Travel Management Services
RFP915-12019AS REGISTER: Video Production Services
RFP931-12017RW REGISTER: Modular Furniture Installation & Moving Svcs.
RFP946-12014AN REGISTER: Financial Collection Services
RFP946-12013AN REGISTER: Banking Depository Services
RFQ909-12012RW REGISTER: CMAR for JC Penney Renovation
RFP946-12010AN REGISTER: ACC Money Purchase Plan
RFP948-12009AN REGISTER: Immunization Verification Services
RFP961-12007CC REGISTER: District-wide Vending Services
RFQ906-12006RW REGISTER: A&E Services for Renovation of the Former JC Penney Store at Highland Mall for Temporary Instructional Space
RFP918-12005AN REGISTER: Inviting qualified firms to submit proposals for Real Estate Consulting & Related Management Services
RFP200-12003VJ REGISTER: Inviting qualified firms to submit proposals for T-Shirts, Apparel and Promotional Items
RFQ920-12002AN REGISTER:Asset Removal, Recovery & Recycling Services
RFP952-11023RW REGISTER: Soliciting proposals from qualified firms to provide Employee Assistance Services to Austin Community College District
RFQ209-11024JH REGISTER: Inviting qualified companies to submit proposals for Board Portal Software
RFQ909-11022RW REGISTER: Seeking submittals from qualified firms for Construction Manager at Risk for the new ACC Hays Campus
RFQ906-11020RW REGISTER: Requesting qualifications from firms to provide Design-Build services for the ARRA Solar Project at Round Rock Campus
RFP200-11019VJ REGISTER: Soliciting proposals from qualified vendors to provide t-shirts and various promotional items
RFP962-11015RW REGISTER: Proposals for selecting a provider for the District-wide Signage and Services
RFQ918-11014RS REGISTER: Construction Audit Services
RFP946-11012VJ REGISTER: Request for Proposals for Student Loan Default Prevention Services
RFQ909-11006RS REGISTER CMAR for two new ACC Campus Locations
RFQ906-11001RS REGISTER: A&E and Permitting Services (IDIQ)
RFP918-100029RS REGISTER: Executive search services
RFQ906-10026RS REGISTER: Seeking qualifications for Architectural & Engineering services for new campuses
RFQ925-10022RW REGISTER: Geotechnical and Materials Testing Services
RFQ990-10018JH REGISTER: Soliciting qualified statements from experienced and capable firms for security systems value added resellers
RFP918-10013VJ REGISTER: Soliciting proposals from qualified vendors to provide Financial Audit Services
RFQ925-10011RW REGISTER: Seeking firms for Indefinite Delivery-Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) Contract Services
RFP926-10002RW REGISTER: inviting qualified firms to submit qualifications and proposals to provide asbestos abatement, mold remediation, lead abatement, and other hazardous materials services district-wide
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