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Training Video -- "Buried Alive"
[VHS/23 minutes]
This video addresses the main issues behind record retention and is intended for all levels of management. A "must see" for Records Custodians.

Training Topics Include:

"Biography of a document": How one letter survived scheduled purges, only to be discovered years later and used as adverse evidence 
Saving documents "just in case" 
Need to retain and destroy records systematically
Segregating records according to the retention timetable
Retaining as required for operational, legal, or archival needs 
Destroying scheduled records wholesale
Suspicious gaps in the record — result of weeding out "bad" documents and keeping only "good" ones
Suspending document destruction during discovery
Off-site and centralized storage
Costs of failing to follow retention policy: Waste of space, legal cost 
Role of Records Manager: Document retention policy administration 
If you are interested in viewing this film, please contact Mary Bridges, Records Management, 223-1151.
Copyright:  Commonwealth videos may not be duplicated, edited, modified, resold, rented, licensed, or loaned.  The programs may not be incorporated, in whole or in part, into any other presentation or program without Commonwealth's prior written consent. User may not broadcast or transmit any portion of the video(s) on any multi-receive open or closed circuit system without Commonwealth's prior written consent.
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