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Deborah Escobedo

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Degree Plan:
Pursing RTF Associates Degree and Workforce Certificates.
In her own words:

The ACC RTF courses I've taken have given me a valuable hands-on experience and also a deeper understanding of film and television technology. I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in English from The University of Texas at Austin for my love of creative writing... and when my passion for RTF could no longer be contained, I decided to return to school to complete my RTF degree and certificates to transition my career into the television and film production field.

The internship class gave me an amazing opportunity to intern at KLRU-TV, which has been a dream of mine for the past four years. I've also formed new friendships and working relationships with my classmates with whom I hope to collaborate more with. I've also met wonderful mentors in my teachers, and I appreciate their real-world industry experience.