Equipment checkout

The RTF Department utilizes state-of-the-art and industry standard video and audio equipment for student use in production-based courses. Equipment is reserved for students enrolled in specific classes. Students must be properly trained on all equipment and be able to demonstrate basic proficiency in class before being able to check out equipment. The RTF department is unable to check out equipment to non-RTF students, non-RTF staff or to the public.

There are a number of rental houses in the community for film and video equipment, including: Gear-Rental, Mopac Media, Omega Broadcast Group, Rock n Roll Rentals or Texas Media Systems.

RTF Equipment Check in/out hours:

M-F from 12pm- 2pm All others by appointment only Equipment room 4141 (located inside of 4142- Studio) Students must schedule at least 30 minutes for check in/out

RTF Equipment Checkout Process:

To check out equipment, go directly to room 4140 first, not 4141 as classes are ongoing in the Production Studio and not to be disturbed while in progress. If you can't find the equipment manager, try calling him at 512-223-4904.

When checking out equipment, bring the following completed checkout form (pdf) .

Be sure to read and understand the rules for using equipment (pdf) in the ACC-RTF Department.

To see information about booking studio time, visit PRODUCTION STUDIO.