Starting RTF

The department offers a wide range of opportunities for students to explore their interests in Radio-Television-Film and related converging media fields. For those interested in immediate hands-on practical production experience and developing a creative vision, the workforce certificate degrees provide an intensive, one-year minimum experience. Each workforce production class is located at the Northridge campus, providing opportunities for students to immersive themselves in many aspects of the field.

For students interested in receiving their associate's and/or are looking to continue on to a four year school, classes are offered at various campuses including Northridge, Rio Grande, Eastview and select high schools. The associate's degree mixes creative media production classes and media studies classes, offering a well-rounded experience.

Throughout the year, a variety of activities support the class experience, such as guest speakers, field trips to professional facilities, and internships. The department strives to foster a sense of community, a space where students meaningfully collaborate, develop creative partnerships, are mentored by faculty, and connect with industry. Students are supported by engaged faculty dedicated to challenging and assisting students on the journey towards achieving educational and professional goals.

The first step in the registration process can be found at the ACC application page. For more information about RTF degrees and workforce certificates, be sure to visit the Programs area.

We also recommend setting up an advising meeting specifically with RTF faculty during your first semester by contacting Joy Opp at

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