Science Safety Committee


Mission Statement


Our mission is to implement the Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Management System within the Science Departments of the Math and Sciences Division of ACC. We will also provide guidance and training, and maintain records as required by ACC EHS policy and procedures.


Committee Members


David Fonken Dean of Math & Sciences 223-4606
* Becky Cole Executive Director of Environmental Health, Safety & Insurance 223-1015
David Watkins EHS Coordinator 223-1034
Sarah Strong Biology Safety Coordinator & Committee Chair 223-6260
Margaret Reid Chemistry Safety Coordinator 223-3313
Christina Cavalli Physical Sciences Safety Coordinator 223-2160
Bob Blodgett Earth and Environmental Sciences Safety Coordinator 223-3892
Madan Mohan Chemistry Department Chair 223-2114
Linnea Fletcher Biotechnology Program 223-5912
Meg Flemming Biology Depratment Chair 223-3321
James Heath Physical Sciences Department Chair 223-6052
George Staff Earth and Environmental Sciences Chair 223-4875
Charles Freeman Science Lab Technician 223-2070
Jeremy Garza Science Lab Techinician 223-5913

* currently serving in an advisory capacity only




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