Challenging a Course at ACC

The following is a list of steps necessary to challenge a course at ACC.  The steps MUST be accomplished in the order listed.


  • Only current or former ACC college-credit students qualify
  • The student must meet the course prerequisites & institutional enrollment requirements
  • A grade of an A or B is required to receive credit. The grade will not be computed in the students' grade point averages (GPA)
  • A course cannot be challenged more than once
  • The student can NOT challenge a course if she/he is or has ever been enrolled in that course and attended class beyond the first week of class
  • The student must complete at least one course in residence before Challenge Exam results will be recorded on an office transcript
  • International students may not apply course challenges toward the 12 hour enrollment requirement


  1. The student will obtain a Course Challenge Form from the Viscom office or campus Admissions and Records office. Complete the portion requesting contact information, including an email or phone number (which is not requested on the form.)  This is very important so that the Viscom department can contact the student.
  2. The student will return the form to the Viscom office to obtain a signature from the Department Chair, who will assign an instructor to administer the exam.
  3. The assigned instructor will contact the student and ask questions to determine if the student can successfully pass the challenge. A grade of an A or B is required in order to pass the exam and receive credit for the course.
  4. The student will pick up the form with the department chair's signature, take it to any ACC Admissions office who must verify that the student is eligible to take the course. Student will pay $10 per credit hour for the exam. The cashiers office will stamp the form "Paid".
  5. The instructor and student will schedule a date for the exam. The student will bring the Challenge form with proof of payment to the exam.
  6. IMPORTANT:  The Instructor MUST return the Challenge Form to the Admissions office (NOT the student).

Rev. 10/08