Online Study Resources

  • Productivity
    • App: GoogleDrive- Upload different files (documents, photos, videos) in the drive and access and share them online whenever you want. iOS | Android
    • App: Pomodoro Timer Lite- This technique is based on the idea that frequent breaks help mental agility. This app helps you stay mentally fresh by telling you when to break and get back to work.  Android
    • App: NeuronalMind42-Organize and store your ideas using the natural representation of mindmaps.  Android
    • App: Quizlet- Helps you create flashcards, tests, and study games to make learning fun and engaging.  Android
  • Wellness
    • 7 Minute Workout- Exercise is a proven method of stress relief and can even aid in learning. However with limited time, it can often be forgotten. Check out this app to get a full workout based on the latest fitness research, and it only takes 7 minutes. Android
    • Pacifica- This tool will help you address stress and anxiety at a gradual pace by helping you recognize what's making you anxious so that you can break down the cycle. iOS | Android
    • Breathe2Relax- Focusing on and controlling your breathing can be the key to calming down before a test. This app will help guide you into some mindful breathing exercises which has been proven to decrease stress. iOS | Android