Transcripts & Translation Services

Transcripts & Translation Services

When submitting your application, you must also provide official transcripts from your highest level of education, such as a high school or university. See minimum education requirements. Include a certified translation if documents are not in English.

Please send all transcripts to the International Student Office for processing. (See instructions below.)

If you attended university, do not submit high school transcripts. However, you must provide official transcripts and diplomas from all colleges and universities you have attended.

Document requirements

Your official transcripts must:

  • Include your graduation date, if applicable.
  • Bear the original seal of the awarding institution, or be certified by a U.S. Embassy or consulate or certified by the Ministry of Education in your home country.
  • Be an original document or a certified photocopy that bears the original seal of the awarding institution.
  • Faxes, scanned/imaged, uncertified photocopies, and online or e-issued transcripts are NOT accepted.

English translations

ACC requires a certified English translation from a certified translator if the original document is not in English. The following is a suggested list of organizations that provide document translation. You also may use a certified English translator in your home country.

Proof of Enrollment for F-1 Co-Enrollment Students

When submitting your university transcripts as part of your application, if your transcript does not reflect enrollment for the semester you plan on enrolling at ACC, an official proof of enrollment is required (also known as an enrollment verification).

F-2 Dependent Visa Students: Proof of enrollment from Primary F-1 student’s current institution for the semester in which you intend to enroll at ACC.

For Summer enrollment at ACC, we will accept the previous Spring enrollment from your current university.

Keep in mind that a new proof of enrollment must be submitted prior to each semester you plan to enroll at ACC.