Learning Lab Staff

Cypress Creek Learning Lab
TBALearning Lab Manager  (512) 223.2040
Robert JohnsonComputer Applications Technician and Tutor(512) 223.2076
Vannessa FazInstructional Associate, Government/History(512) 223.2054
Jeanne WeiseInstructional Associate, Math/Physics(512) 223.2054
Jose ResendezTutoring Specialist, Biology/Chemistry(512) 223.2054
David StellmanInstructional Associate, ESOL

(512) 223.2054

Eastview Learning Lab
Dr. Theresa MooneyLearning Lab Manager(512) 223.5115
Alan HollowayComputer Applications Technician and Tutor(512) 223.5110
Julia MaffeiInstructional Associate, Reading(512) 223.5114 
TBAInstructional Associate, Math(512) 223.5114 
TBAInstructional Associate, Writing(512) 223.5114 
Elgin Learning Lab
Marie-Line McGheeLearning Lab Manager(512) 223.8139
Saeed SalemikiaOnline Tutoring Supervisor(512) 223.9421
Hays Learning Lab
Jeffery HarrisLearning Lab Manager(512) 262.6577 (Hays Internal)
(512) 223.9248
Randy SchleicherComputer Applications Technician and Tutor(512) 262.6578 (Hays Internal)
Daniel MorrisTutoring Specialist, Mathematics(512) 223.9248
Highland Learning Lab
Talisia McHughLearning Lab Manager(512) 223.7438 
Anaka RiveraInstructional Associate, Government(512) 223.7438 
Dennis RochaInstructional Associate, Biology(512) 223.7438 
Wolfgang FreyInstructional Associate, Physics(512) 223.7438 
Hadi ParhiktehInstructional Associate, Physics(512) 223.7438 
Joseph HuntInstructional Associate, Math(512) 223.7438 
Sarah SimpsonInstructional Associate, Math(512) 223.7438 
Merianne PricketInstructional Associate, Math(512) 223.7438 
Madhavi PratapaInstructional Associate, Math (512) 223.7438 
Northridge Learning Lab
Rosie CantuLearning Lab Manager(512) 223.4816
Phill PeschkeComputer Applications Technician and Tutor(512) 223.4847
Cathy WelchInstructional Associate, Writing(512) 223.4813
Shahla HemmatiInstructional Associate, Mathematics(512) 223.4813
Brock GaertnerInstructional Associate, Mathematics(512) 223.4813
Chris HaluskaInstructional Associate, Physics(512) 223.4813
Stephen BosworthInstructional Associate, History(512) 223.4813
Herb LingInstructional Associate, Mathematics(512) 223.4813
Kevin MacKieInstructional Associate, ESOL(512) 223.4813
Rio Grande Learning Lab
Myra BradleyLearning Lab Manager(512) 223.3365
Gabriel RodriguezComputer Applications Technician and Tutor(512) 223.3366
TBAInstructional Associate, Writing(512) 223.3367 
Yau-Kit HuiInstructional Associate, Mathematics(512) 223.3367 
TBAInstructional Associate, Chemistry(512) 223.3367 
TBAInstructional Associate, History(512) 223.3367 
Lee KyleInstructional Associate, Mathematics(512) 223.3367 
Patrick CollinsInstructional Associate, English(512) 223.3367 
Martin PrahovicInstructional Associate, Physics(512) 223.3367 
Mahnaz Riazi-FarzadInstructional Associate, Mathematics(512) 223.3367 
Anne WardInstructional Associate, Reading(512) 223.3367 
Riverside Learning Lab
Helen DaileyLearning Lab Manager(512) 223.6036
Cynthia ArevaloAdministrative Assistant II(512) 223.6033
Zach BundyComputer Applications Technician and Tutor(512) 223.6245
TBAComputer Applications Technician and Tutor(512) 223.6032
Felix BatchassiComputer Applications Technician and Tutor(512) 223.6240
David KramerInstructional Associate, History(512) 223.6239
Caroline KooTutoring Specialist, English for the Deaf/HOH(512) 223.6037
Paul BernellaTutoring Specialist, Math for the Deaf/HOH(512) 223.6037
Brian DoringInstructional Associate, Mathematics(512) 223.6037
Darlene HeckmannInstructional Associate, Mathematics(512) 223.6037
Rick RobersonInstructional Associate, Reading(512) 223.6037
Teresa ShuTutoring Specialist, Spanish(512) 223.6037
Darrold SmithInstructional Associate, Mathematics(512) 223.6037
Leticia RevelesTutoring Specialist, ESOL(512) 223.6037
Round Rock Learning Lab
Will ZechLearning Lab Manager(512) 223.0213
Lynda WallAdministrative Assistant I(512) 223.0207
Scott NordquistComputer Applications Technician and Tutor(512) 223.0212
David ElyComputer Applications Technician and Tutor(512) 223.0210
Brian NicoletTutoring Specialist, English and Writing Skills(512) 223.0373
Nicholas HernandezTutoring Specialist, Biology/Chemistry(512) 223.0216
James DinhInstructional Associate, Mathematics(512) 223.0207
Sam CliffordInstructional Associate, Biology/Chemistry(512) 223.0215
Wahiduzzaman MirzaTutoring Specialist, Math/Physics(512) 223.0217
San Gabriel Learning Lab
Jose ResendezLearning Lab Supervisor(512) 223.2500
TBAComputer Applications Technician and Tutor(512) 223.2500
TBATutoring Specialist, (512) 223.2500
TBATutoring Specialist,(512) 223.8138
TBATutoring Specialist,(512) 223.8138
South Austin Learning Lab
Susan JonesLearning Lab Manager(512) 223.9248
Keith LorcherComputer Applications Technician and Tutor(512) 223.9245
Ann DillonInstructional Associate, Reading(512) 223.9248
Lori BelkInstructional Associate, ESOL(512) 223.9248
Pat BlankenshipTutoring Specialist, Sciences(512) 223.9248 
Louisa SpaventaTutoring Specialist, English(512) 223.9248 
Sherry PratherInstructional Associate, Reading(512) 223.9248