Instructional Testing: Questions & Answers

  • Can I test at any Testing Center?

    Many Distance Learning classes use the Testing Center for some or all of their exams. If your class uses the Testing Center, your instructor should provide you with a specific test deadline and instructions. Tests for non-DL courses may be limited to certain centers - confirm your preferred test location with your instructor.

  • Do I need to have an ACC Student ID card to test?

  • Can I take more than one test while I'm in the Testing Center?

    You may only take one test at a time. If you need to take another test, you must check in to the kiosk again. If there is a wait line, you must return to the line and wait to test again.

  • What do I need in order to retest?

    Contact your instructor or your course syllabus to find out if a retest if available for your class. Some classes require written permission from your instructor to retest.

  • Is there a place to store personal items while I am testing?

    While most Testing Centers have personal lockers, you should leave your personal property in your car if possible. If a locker is unavailable, personal items, including cell phones, must remain in a designated area unsupervised by staff. ACC is not responsible for personal property stored.

  • How do I obtain my test results?

    Contact your instructor for your results. If you used a red scanform to test, a raw score is usually provided at completion of testing. Hold on to your Check-out sheet until your instructor confirms that they have received your test.

  • Where can a find out more about testing procedures?

    See Test Center guidelines for more information.