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Maintain Your Eligibility

Follow policies to receive your VA benefits

In order to receive military and veteran educational benefits, you must conform to the following regulations to maintain your eligibility.

Academic progress

Make academic progress toward graduation. If you receive federal financial aid, meet satisfactory academic progress standards for financial aid recipients.

ACC degree plan

You are allowed to take only courses required under the selected ACC degree plan, approved electives, and prerequisite courses. If you intend to transfer, meet to your ACC VA specialist to select the ACC degree plan and courses that meet your transfer goals. 

Adds, drops, withdrawal

Notify the ACC VA Office immediately if you add, drop, or withdraw from any classes. You may be required to pay back portions of their benefits if they drop a course, withdraw, or receive a non punitive grade. It is the student’s responsibility to verify information certified to the VA and repay any overpayment.

Certify enrollment each semester

Submit the VA In-Processing Checklist for each semester you register for classes. Your VA benefits are not processed until the form is received.

Change of major/program

If you decide to change your major, submit a new degree plan in order to receive future VA educational benefits.

Developmental course restrictions

If you enroll in development reading, writing, or mathematics classes, they are eligible for VA educational benefits ONLY if required to meet Texas Success Initiative requirements.

Military leave

Active duty

If you are called to active duty during the semester, present military orders to the ACC VA Office. Your enrollment will be canceled with full tuition and fee reimbursement. Processing may take several business days. If you are receiving financial aid, contact the Financial Aid Office to determine how your financial aid will be affected. You are responsible for contacting your lender(s) regarding loan repayment options.

Short-term leave

If you will miss classes for short term-military leave or military training exercises, contact your instructors as soon as you become aware of this so that appropriate accommodations can be made.

Repeats or duplication

If you fail a course or receive a grade below degree requirements, you may repeat the same course and receive VA educational benefits. All other duplications can NOT be certified.

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