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Testing Accommodations

We will work with you and your instructor to identify testing accommodations and make arrangements if you have a disability.

Contact your campus Student Accessibility Services to get started.

Accessibility Services test rules

The following rules apply to students who are permitted to test in the Accessibility Services office.

  • Inform your instructor if you intend to take tests, including pop quizzes, in Accessibility Services.
  • Contact Accessibility Services at least five days in advance to schedule your test. Drop-in testing is not permitted.
  • Provide the following information available when scheduling your test: course number, course name, course section, test number, and instructor’s name. 
  • Immediately inform your instructor of your scheduled Accessibility Services test date.
  • Arrive on time to take your test. You are marked “no show” if you arrive more than 15 minutes late.
  • Tests will not be rescheduled because of lack of preparation time, etc. 
  • You cannot use auxiliary test aids such as calculators or formula tables unless authorized by your instructor or Accessibility Services.
  • You must turn in your test at the allotted time.
  • Bring an instructor’s note if your test will split into two or more sessions.
  • Plan for no restroom breaks unless you have specific advance approval or the test exceeds two hours. When testing over two hours, you may request one supervised restroom break.
  • Abide by the Student Standards of Conduct when taking tests. Cases of scholastic dishonesty will be reported to your instructor and to the campus dean of student services.
  • If assigned to your test period, the learning assistant is required to:
    • Not provide coaching.
    • Remain with you until the test is completed.
    • Repeat test items as often as you request.


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